Anything imaginable is also possible.

“Use your imagination”. I bet it has been told to every one of us at some point or maybe even several times in our lives.
The remark carries more significance than one might think at first glance.
It is in fact one of these things we tend to say without really listening to ourselves saying it or grasp the true importance of.

Take a moment to consider this:
Every human invention throughout history, is a product of someone’s imagination.

Someone at some point sat on a rock one night feeling cold and wondered what it would be like to be able to use fire to cook food and warm oneself. Thus the making of fire was discovered.

Someone at some point in evolution wondered how life could be made easier by using a blade to turn the soil rather than a spade. Thus the plough was invented.

Someone at some point in time wondered what would happen if water was turned into steam and used to set a machine in motion. Thus the steam engine was invented.
As for art; painters, authors, sculptors and other artist have wondered what would happen if they would use those colors, or that storyline or this tool to shape their work.

We take a lot for granted in daily life and are often distracted by things that go wrong.
What about all that goes right? The things humanity has created simply by using constructive imagination?

It can be a wholesome self-praise exercise to see what solutions you have come up with in trying situations.
Observing, without self-judgment (and without wondering what others would think of the way you’ve handled yourself!) taking a moment to reflect how you came to do something, which ideas were at the base of your actions.

We tend to get drawn into the drone of daily life; going to the shops we’re used to, cooking the meals we know how to make, following the same sort of solutions to our queries, using the same roads to get from A tot B.
What if taking a different route for a change, leads you past a rural lane rather than the highway?
How long ago since you’ve seen a rabbit hop? When did you last read a novel you couldn’t put down? How long ago since you wrote in a dairy? or even wrote down a simple thought?

You’ll find the following concepts have a lot to do with creating a positive experience.

- Creating Diversity, taking a different route in life for a change.
– Positive thinking. Is the glass half full, half empty or as read somewhere a little while ago: refillable?
– Soul honesty. Can I look myself in the eye over this and know I did the best I could?
– Genuine intention. What interest do I have in mind? Is it about the money? or the dogma? or about personal fulfillment?

On this I leave you and wish you an imaginative summer season.
Should you want to jog your imagination a little every now and again, you can draw a card for free on this website, like the one depicted next to this blog: the 8 of Gifts, titled Imagination, which says:

“Anything imaginable is also possible.”

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