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Lichaamstaal van levenskrachtYour body knows exactly how to feel good. Its stretches itself automatically or places a hand over a painful spot without thinking about it. These ‘techniques’ come natural and promote the flow and application of energy for Body,Mind & Spirit.

Integrating simple energy exercises into your daily routines,  balances the flow of the several energy systems designed for self-healing that you were gifted at birth,  thus enhancing and maintaining your physical and emotional resilience.  The Body Language of Energy Sessions, aim to bring awareness on the conscious use of these freely and naturally available methods and choose those that fit you best.

The body is the voice of thoughts, the mirror of feelings and the temple of Spirit. Take good care of it.”

1 of Tools, Nan Yar card game for personal development

The ‘Body Language of Energy’ sessions are the outcome of over 30 years of collecting, assembling and combining information. Energy medicine, yoga, tai chi and qigong are at the base of the 1-to-1 and groupsessions, serving as a platform to select those methods that apply best to your personal circumstances.

Individual Bodylanguage of Energy session

Your body in its own wisdom autonomously takes care of all kinds of processes and constantly calibrates with what is going on in your life. Next to that it mirrors everything at play and regularly asks for attention when needing a helping hand.

In the individual Bodylanguage of Energy sessions we exchange what applies to your situation from an energy medicine point of view and how this relates to your overall energy supply and balance. They take place on location (primarily The Hague) or via Zoom

  • 60 minutes on location: 85 euro
  • 60 minuten on zoom: 50 euro
  • For multiple consultations ons zoom separate arrangements are made depending on frequency and duration per consultation.

For more information please connect through the contact form.


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