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Ingrid SchippersMy name is Ingrid Schippers. My present spot on earth is the international community of The Hague, The Netherlands. I’ve lived and studied in several places around the globe. In that sense I see myself as a world citizen, traveling the world as well as the mind.

The role of the word

I’ve seen myself as a writer for as long as I can remember and have documented my thoughts in writing ever since I was eleven years old. At the age of 16 I had my first column titled ‘Girl Talk’ in the local weekly of the town that I lived in.

This manner of communicating extended itself into writing poems, lyrics, stand-up comedian acts and books. I basically grew up on my understanding of the meaning of words. Also in communicating with myself I often find my answers while writing about the question.

Together with Scottish author Tom McKerley I write genealogy mystery novels, in which becoming aware of who you are is part of the key to solve the mystery. We self-publish our books through Would You Believe That Publishing.

My teachers

From the very beginning writers have been my teachers, from Hermann Hesse to Richard Bach, Han Suyin to Shirley MacLaine and from Carolyn Myss to (foremost) Michael Crichton.

The latter, about whom I intend to write a book one day, has without a doubt been my inspiration to learn and accept myself as a writer (which has taken me some time). Most people know Crichton as the author of Jurassic park but I think in a hundred years from now he will be recognized for his insights and visions on the future.

I have the good fortune to easily recognize my teachers, people but also movies, books and art from different cultures and times.

Although I descend from an intellectually oriented family and studied History at the University of Leiden for a brief period of time, the so called ‘popular sciences’ have always appealed to me more than the academic world.

Having said that however, it is on my bucketlist to return to university some day.

My explorations

I have been a seeker for as long as I remember, searching for answers both in my heart and in the world.

As a 23-year-old, suffering from hyperventilation, I found myself in a yoga class one day. Answering to the call of my never ending curiosity, I wanted to know why yoga turned out to be so beneficial, why it gave me so much energy and what mechanism was responsible for that. This became the start of a quest filled with challenges and insights, in which I would find myself in circumstances at times that I could never have envisioned beforehand.

My desire to learn more about the correlation between human behavior and the way we feel, brought me from the Yoga Institute of Helen van der Kroef in The Hague where I did my first teacher’s training, to Kripalu in the United States, to Dreamwork with Robert Moss and Neurofeedback with Marty Wuttke to Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and courses in the field of coaching.

My participation in the revision of the Dutch translation (‘Werken met energetische geneeskunde‘) of Donna Eden’s and David Feinstein’s groundbreaking work ‘Energy Medicine‘, deepened my understanding of the ancient system that comes natural to the human body and contains many techniques to benefit body and spirit.

My practice as energy counselor

All teachings, insights and experiences that I gathered and am still gathering in my quest, come together in my practice as energy counselor.

By combining knowledge as old as the world with adopting practical physical energy exercises, I help my clients to nourish and enhance their physical, mental and spiritual energies and gain insight in patterns in their lives that lead to wellbeing and happiness.

A personal development game and work book

A recent result from my quest, as well as an important tool that I developed for my work as energy counselor is the ‘Nan Yar Who Am I‘ cardgame for personal development.

The origins of this cardgame lie in the Tarot while the major part of the knowledge captured in the game was handed to me by befriended anthroposophist and psychiatrist Cees van der Kroef, who taught me how to employ the Game of Tarot as a wholesome and powerful tool for personal development.

The next step in my ever returning cycles of exploration, research, initiating, reviewing and re-initiating for continued development, is my book ‘Life Make Over’. This journey book takes the ‘Nan Yar – Who Am I’ game to a next level and is meant to serve as workbook for those who wish to actively participate in their own personal development.

We are all the authors of our own life story. ”

Life Make Over Journey book, Ingrid Schippers

The book seeks the correlation between wellbeing and the way we use our life force. It gives a more extensive description of the trump cards suits and numbers and offers space to keep a diary based on the drawing of the cards, thus creating a document that enables you to act as your own life coach.

Learning by sharing

It is my personal belief that we often have more to share with the world than we tend to think. Many cultures teach their children where they go wrong, while I think mistakes are meant to disclose the characteristics from which we tap our life force. As a matter of fact they are the learning curves that offer us the opportunity to better and heal ourselves, to then share these experiences with the world and turn it into a better place as a whole. In the end we are all apples in the same basket.

Also for me this is an important learning process and constant challenge. The fact that my practice, the game and the book expanded from concept to actual fact, I owe in part to my tai chi teacher and dear friend Matthijs Winnubst, who motivated me to materialize my ideas and take action on sharing who I am and what I have to offer.

My gratitude also goes to Remco Kalf, who showed a deep understanding of the structure of the game and the intricate message of combining physical and spiritual development while designing the Energy Counseling website to share my finding with the outside world.

In my capacity of life counselor as well as through my books and products, I want to help you gain more awareness on the ways you think (about yourself). The more awareness in life, the more it has to offer. To discover who you are and what you are capable of places the world at your feet.

I hope to encounter you in my practice!

Ingrid Schippers.