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[Nan Yar – Who Am I, card game for personal developmentintro]The World at this point in time is right in the middle of a profound phase of transition. Now more than ever before, it is important to take your own stand, keep yourself balanced and stay in tune and create your personal destination.  [/intro]

The Nan Yar- Who Am I, counseling cards, offer a method to keep track of your very own course in life. The 22 Archetypes, 16 Court cards and 40 Number cards, are a profound source of information on basic principles that serve as pillars of your lifetime and  mirror the inner knowledge given to each and everyone of us at birth, stored in the subconscious.
Travel your world guided by your personal Storyteller. Write your own history. Clarify your present. Visualize your future.

Those who wish to share their journey with like-minded Travellers are invited to join the  Nan Yar Who Am I Pilgrim Circles, in which we explore and exchange on the esoteric background of the cards and help you mirror and identify the authentic goals of your daily life.

As a bonus, both individual readings and Pilgrim circles offer simple natural energy-based exercises to support the daily flow of inspiration. More on this subject can be found on the ‘Bodylanguage of Energy’  page

It is more about what you read in the cards than about what they have to tell you.

Life make Over Journey book, Ingrid Schippers

A Nan Yar Life Counseling card reading

Let me guide you on your journey through the ‘Nan Yar – Who Am I’ personal development cards, while looking at your query through the eyes of the Archetypes, Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools. Let go of what has been; make way for what is. Explore the 78 cards to make your world a better place.

Schedule a personal Nan Yar consultation

Consultations are by appointment only. To make an appointment, send an e-mail to: info@energycounseling.nl or use the form below. My aim is to re- connect within 24 hours.


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