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[Nan Yar – Who Am I, card game for personal development The World is caught in a huge transition. As the rightful owner of your very own life journey, now perhaps more than ever is the time to take position amidst the changes and stay balanced and connected to who you are.

The Nan Yar- Who Am I cards offer a supportive and easily accessible method to reflect your personal life experiences. The 22 Archetypes with their characteristics originating from the Macrocosm, as well as the 56 Number and Court cards of each life-traveler’s individual Microcosm of Daily Life, create a profound source of information and inner wisdom each and every person carries as birthright in their subconscious.

Travel your World guided by your personal Storyteller. Write your own History. Illuminate your Present. Visualise your Future.

It is more about what you read in the cards than about what they have to tell you.

Life make Over Journey book, Ingrid Schippers

A Nan Yar Life Counseling card reading

Whether you process your insights by interpreting a card in your own time and space or exchange your findings in a Nan Yar – Who Am I guided counseling session or Pilgrim circle; you’ll find every card you draw mirrors your very own life story by engaging your inner knowing. Your key words are Imagination, Intuition and Inspiration.

In an individual Nan Yar – Who Am I counseling session the esoteric characteristics of the 22 Archetypes and Numbers, Court cards of the 4 Colours, serve as guidelines to interpret the cards that are drawn.

  • To book an individual session on location in The Hague or via Zoom use the contact form below and we’ll set a time and date.
    Holidays apart, I will usually connect within 24 hours
  • After an individual session  you are invited to sign on for one of the Pilgrimcircles on Zoom or Location to reflect and share the Archetypical characteristics that support the unique mission of  each and every life traveller reflected in the Microcosm of Daily Life.
  • I regularly host  introductions on location on how to use an ordinary card game and the Nan Yar- Who Am I Tarot to mirror  your life  Journey are held about once a month in Scheveningen The Hague.  Click here for more information.
  • Nan Yar Life counseling session: 90 euro
  • First try out consultation: 60 Euro
  • Follow up Individual Consultation on Zoom: 60 euro



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