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Nan Yar – Who Am I, card game for personal developmentAs partaker of the Western world at this point in time, you are right in the middle of a profound phase of transition. People are growing to be more conscious as well as more assertive. We are in fact more and more often questioning the rulings of the establishment.  At the same time however, we are more than ever before distracted by the eddies of things taking place in our environments.  This can turn it into a challenge to stay in touch and in tune with your personal destination.

The Nan Yar- Who Am I, counseling cards, offer a way to keep track of your own course in life. The 22 Archetypes, 16 Court cards and 40 Number cards, serve as source of information to give aim to the basic principles of living. They  mirror the inner knowledge stored in the collective, and therewith also your, subconscious. In the Nan Yar group sessions we dive deeper into the esoteric background of the cards and explore how their wisdom reflects on daily life.

Next to Nan Yar group sessions, it is also possible to arrange an individual consultation to identify your personal authentic goals.

Both in the individual and group sessions, exercises are passed on to support the sources and flow of energy that generates your daily thoughts, feelings and wishes. More on this subject can be read on the Bodylanguage of Energy’ page.

It is more about what you see in the cards than about what they have to tell you.

Life Make Over Journeybook, Ingrid Schippers

A Nan Yar group training

Nan Yar Group Program

The Nan Yar Wie Ben Ik group sessions are held in two-and-a-half hour blocks, mostly at weekends or in the evening.   On request is it also possible to hold group trainings at home or locations other than de Energycounseling home base.  The maximum number of participants for all groups is 12.  The  Nan Yar-Wie Am I cards offer an endless source of information on personal and collective growth. In that context all sessions are diverse and often inspired by present day developments. Sessions are delivered in either English or Dutch.

To receive an overview of possibilities, dates and availability, you are requested to connect through the contact form.


Your contribution for a group session is 25 euro per person per session.
The Nan Yar cards (euro 27,95) and explanatory booklet are purchased separately. When doing a first trial session, a card set will be supplied for the occasion.


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