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Nan Yar – Who Am I, card game for personal development 

The world is in transition. Her inhabitants are growing conscious as well as more assertive towards the rulings of the establishment. At the same time however weget distracted by the eddies of things taking place in our environments.  At times this makes it a challenge to stay true to your colors and in tune with your personal destination, while taking the greater good into consideration. [/intro]

The Nan Yar- Who Am I, counseling cards offer a way to keep track of the course you wish to follow. The 22 Archetypes, 16 Court cards and 40 Number cards, provide a profound source of information to give meaning to these basic questions: Who Am I? and How Do I give Meaning to My Life. The 78 Nan Yar cards mirror the inner knowledge stored in the subconscious, given to each and every one of us at birth. In the Nan Yar Pilgrim circles we journey through the cards and look for deeper meaning, to then further explore how this reflects and is used in daily life.

Next to Nan Yar Pilgrim circles, it is also possible to arrange an individual consultation to identify your personal authentic goals.

Both the individual consultations and Pilgrim circles provide exercises to support the flow from your own energy sources. More on this subject can be read on the Bodylanguage of Energy’ page.

It is more about what you see in the cards than about what they have to tell you.

Life Make Over Journeybook, Ingrid Schippers

A Nan Yar group training

Nan Yar Pilgrim Circles

At the moment I am working on a new set up for the Pilgrim Circles. Please use the contact form in case of  any questions or if you want to be kept informed about the new circles scheduled for autumn 2020. 

Pilgrim circles are held in both Dutch and English


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