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Are you in a time of transition? Do you want to feel more energized and inspired? Is it time to harvest more of your natural abilities?

You are capable of much more than you think. I invite you on a Journey that befits your personal challenges, insights, gifts and tools.  Optimize what you have to offer by listening to your body and let your subconscious do the talking on your path to the destination that belongs with you.

Then I invite you to come on a personal journey to live in harmony with what belongs to you. Use your ability to listen to your body and let your subsconscious do the talking on your way to your personal destiny.

My Energy Counseling practice offers two kinds of sessions:

Body Language of Energy sessions

Your body knows exactly how to feel good. It stretches automatically or places a hand over a painful spot without thinking. These are natural ‘techniques’ promoting the flow of energy. Conscious use of these autonomous physical responses allows you to set your own course.

Body Language of Energy sessions can be taken on an individual basis or as part of a groupsession:

‘Body Language of Energy’Personal consultation

Body Language of Energy individual consultationIn a ‘Body Language of Energy’ consultation I guide you through physical energy techniques aimed at bringing you back to basics, enhancing both the daily life energy flow as well as your ability to relax. An individual session offers the possibility to look at a specific query and combine it with the energy mehods that apply to it.

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‘Body Language of Energy’Group sessions

Body Language of Energy group sessionA ‘Body Language of Energy’ group session resembles a yoga class, the difference being that it offers techniques from several methods, such as qigong, tai chi and energy medicine. Each session includes physical exercise that promotes the daily life flow of energy as well as techniques to totally relax.

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Nan Yar Life Counseling

Deep down inside you know what it takes to feel physically fit and mentally energetic. It are often the external demands and happenings that cause you to neglect your own needs.

I facilitate individual Nan Yar consultations as well as training sessions for groups:

‘Nan Yar’ – Life CounselingCard Reading

Nan Yar - Life Counseling Individual Reading With ‘The Storyteller’ as your personal guide, I take you on a journey through the ‘Nan Yar – Who Am I’ personal development card game and let you look at your query through the eyes of the Archetypes, Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools, introduced to you by the cards. Let go of what was to make way for what is.

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‘Nan Yar’ – Life CounselingGroup Training

Nan Yar - Life Counseling Group TrainingTailor-made on request as well as on scheduled dates, I organize one-day group sessions in which you are trained to be your own life coach with the ‘Nan Yar – Who Am I’ card game for personal development as your guide. Your personal copy of the game and its explanatory booklet are included in the price of the group session.

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