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A healthy mind in a healthy body , the almost 2000 year old expression by by the Roman poet Juvenalis tells us, mens sana in corpore sano. Your body is an instrumental tool during your journey through the world. It aims to attain the best possible balance under all circumstances. Without you having to think about it, your body regulates the energy systems responsible for managing the challenges you encounter on your path. In the ‘Bodylanguage of Energy’ Pilgrim Circles we explore the origins of these self-healing mechanisms that play an important part in your life, as well as how to best support them yourself.  Where do you lack energy? What do you do with an energy overflow? How do you unwind? How does energy travel through your body? How can you give your energy systems ‘a hand’?

Simple daily exercises ensure optimal functioning of the freely available various energy sources of your body and help you maintain both your emotional en physical resilience. The Body Language of Energy circles aim to make you aware of your own self-healing abilities and to choose those techniques that fit you best.

Body Language of Energy

The ‘Body Language of Energy’ groupsessions are the result of 30+ years of collecting, assembling and combining information. Energy medicine, yoga, tai chi and qigong are at the base of the 1-to-1 and group sessions, serving as a platform to select those methods that apply best to your particular circumstances.

Body Language of Energy Pilgrim circles

The body language of Energy Pilgrim Circles include techniques from Donna Eden and  Prune Harris and other renowned energy medicine experts. All practises are aimed at supporting the energy flow and balancing the systems the energy body is comprised of, as well as observe how this reflects on your physical and mental state of being.

In each circle we’ll reflect on:

  • Breath, Grounding &  Presence: Simple techniques to enhance your connection with daily life and get the most out of your potential.
  • Working with the different energy systems : The Meridian Wheel (energy flow), Radiant Circuits, (that make you happy)  The 6 stretches of Yoga (to open the energy pathways) and other sequences.
  • Meditation & Relaxation:  Let it flow, let it go and self-awareness.

Exercises and methods to consciously and optimally support your energy body at any given moment and situation in your life.

(Traveling) Pilgrim Circles

The home base of the Energy Counseling Pilgrim Circles is  The Hague. It is however also possible to organie circles at a location of your choice for specific groups.
For more information on either option, please use the contact form below.