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Body Language of EnergyYour body knows exactly how to feel good. Its stretches itself automatically or subconsciously places a hand over a spot that could do with some extra energy or is in fact on overdrive. These are natural ‘techniques’ that promote and equally divide the flow of life force, the flow of energy.

Integrating simple energy exercises into your daily routines,  balances the flow of the several energy systems designed for self-healing you were gifted at birth,  thus enhancing and maintaining your physical and emotional resilience.  The Body Language of Energy Sessions, aim to bring awareness on the conscious use of these freely and naturally available methods and choose those that fit you best.

The body is the voice of thoughts, the mirror of feelings, the temple of spirit. Take good care of it.

1 of Tools, Nan Yar card game for personal development

The ‘Body Language of Energy’ groupsessions are the result of 30+ years of collecting, assembling and combining information. Energy medicine, yoga, tai chi and qigong are at the base of the 1-to-1 and group sessions, serving as a platform to select those methods that apply best to your particular circumstances.

Body Language of Energy group sessions

The group sessions resemble a yoga class yet also offer techniques derived from qigong, tai chi and energy medicine. The common theme is: ‘Communicating with your well-being’.

You can either join one session or a few in a row, depending on your needs.
On request I also organize sessions at a location of your choice.

Every session includes the following themes:

  • Inspiration: Solution-oriented exercises applicable in daily life.
  • Meditation: Techniques to unwind.
  • Relaxation: A total body scan for which you don’t have to do a thing but relax.

Yoga mats, blankets and cushions are available at the ‘Zee van Licht’ location in Scheveningen. Optional: bring your own warm socks, sweater and a bottle of water.

Timetable, Registration & Costs

The duration of a Body language of Energy group session is two and a half hours, either from 9.30 am till noon;  12.30 pm till 3 or 7.30 pm till 10.00 pm,  throughout the month of September- December and Februari – June. Sessions evolve around the different naturally available energy centers such as the chakra’s, the meridians or other means of energy transport of Body Mind & Spirit.  The Body language of Energy sessions offer space to maximum 12 practitioners and are delivered in Dutch or English.

The costs per participant are 25 euro per session.

To receive an overview of times, themes and designated session language,  please connect through the contact form or send me a mail at: Info@energycounseling.nl.