Do you keep a diary on the note worthy moments of insight you gather during your life journey? The intuitions that tell you something is afoot or could be just what you’ve been waiting for? 
The Nan Yar – Who Am I Tarot supports a surprisingly simple method to mirror  the imaginative, intuitive and inspirational inner wisdom that comes natural to you.

What often stays hidden behind the logistics of daily life is known to your personal Storyteller


Let’s look at the 6 of Challenges as an example:


6 of Challenges


Known in Tarot as the 6 of Swords, the Nan Yar interpretation is titled:  6 of Challenges Vulnerability,

  • 6 being the Number of Communication
  • Challenges being the suit that asks you to invest in sharpening your mindful senses

In their Nan Yar – Who Am I interpretation – feel free to add whatever the number 6 or theme of mindful development mirrors for you –  the 6 of Challenges refers to the opportunities life brings when you put aside the different masks one tends to wear and reveal your true identity. That might be a daunting prospect at times, but hey …this is the era of transformation and you are the one and only rightful owner of your life journey who can do this for you.

How does vulnerability influence the way I communicate might be a question triggered by this card.

  • Do I keep my mouth shut more often than I should to avoid confrontation?
  • Do I assert myself peacefully without judgement?
  • Where does my way of communicating take me?

As an introduction to the Nan Yar- Who Am I Tarot, I regularly give presentations on how to apply cards as a life journey exploration tool . Click here for more information.