Did you know that 56 out of the total of 78 cards of the Game of Tarot, are based on the ordinary card game;  and that this ‘Minor Arcana’ or  ‘Lesser Arcana’ as it is called, adapted the Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds; using their Number- and Court-cards to give a deeper meaning to daily life experiences?

To practice how to give your very own interpretation to a ‘Minor Arcana’ Tarot card – as you know yourself like no other  –  an ordinary card game will give you insights.

0. The Storyteller

  • To start, take a piece of paper or start a journal and note down the date and optional your location. You’ll find that when you reflect on a card later on, remembering the spot on earth where you were when you counselled a card, it will help refresh the experience.
  • Shuffle a deck of ordinary cards and draw one.
  • Describe the characteristics of the card; it’s ‘Colour’ and Number or Court card
  • Use your own Imagination. Intuition and Inspiration  while reading the general Guidelines below and combine the meaning of the Colour with the meaning of the Number or Court card.  What does the combination at this point in time summon up from your inner knowing? What do you associate it with?
  • Add your findings to your paper or journal.



Interpretation of the Colours: Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds

  • Spades reflect the Challenges in which you encounter yourself during your Life journey (the invited ánd uninvited ones)
  • Clubs reflect the Insights you gain from the Challenges.
  • Hearts reflects the Gifts you were freely given along with your birthright.
  • Diamonds reflect the earthly Tools that accompany you during your life journey

Interpretation of the Numbers 1-10 (using the Ace as 1) and Jack, Queen, King

1   : Number of Potential  

2   : Number of Diversity, Freedom of Choice

3   : Number of Creativity  

4   : Number of Balance

5   : Number of your Soul Mission, your quest

6   : Number of Communication

7   : Number of What Is, Is Enough; Taking responsibility  over what Is

8   : Number of your Life Journey, Karma, Dao or Tao

9   : Number of Unconditional Love

10:  Number of Unity, Wholeness, Earth as part of the Universe and the Universe as part of Earth.

Jack     : Represents the Ego, the Gatekeeper of your journey on earth

Queen : Represents the Yin Energy, Bodywork, the soft wind of Resilience

King     :Represents the Yang Energy, Breathwork, Vigour

The meaning of each Challenge, Insight, Gift and Tool in combination with its Number or Court card is further defined on:

  All Nan Yar Cards

Click on the number of the card and all four colours will appear. Click on the card of your choice and further explanation will appear.

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