Have you ever noticed how commercials on body creams that supposedly make your skin soft and vibrant, always portray skinny women in their thirties? The ones with straight white teeth and not a zit in sight. It is never a menopausal woman with visibly dry skin, excess facial hair and the infamous 10 kilo overweight build up during mid life transformation.

For men, it is the straight jawline; the kind of hunk  most women swoon for, who advertises the razorblades.
The absolute winner I once saw was a highway billboard advertising “The Car That Will Make Your Boss Notice You In When You Drive It To Work”

Don’t get me wrong. I understand companies need to sell their products and how they would not sell a thing when they add pictures of poverty stricken people to their advertisements.  What I object to however is the enormous gap unaccounted for; the gap between real life and what we are made to believe is real and taught we should strive for.

It makes the world a lonely place for many, when what we are made to believe is real, actually does not exist.
A bigger percentage of the population is not skinny And I don’t know about where you live, but where I live clean shaven hunks with a straight jawline are scarce and I happen to live in one of the most densely populated areas of the world. An area also where many could impossibly afford a “Car Their Boss Would Notice Them In When They Would Drive It To Work.” An area of social housing, with many
women struggling financially, unable to pay tuition fees or clothes for their children because their ex-husbands wont pay alimony. It makes their skin very non-vibrant, even when they are in their thirties and skinny.

Money and its Lord Economy has become sole ruler and global religion of our life styles. What ever happened to the concept of inner values? The ones not advertised on television. What ever happened to the concept of inner knowledge? the commodity not expressed in currency?I. The Magician

The Magician card number in the Nan Yar- Who Am I Personal development game, invites you to pierce through the veil of illusion  and mirror your own inner knowledge on what it has to say.  It invites you to observe how you are tricked into believing you need the same body cream as the woman in her thirties with the straight white teeth and flawless skin; or a certain brand of razorblades will make you look like a hunk with a perfect jawline (no offense meant by the way if that is in fact what you look like).

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Ingrid Schippers

September 2020