Recently I was asked to write about  the effect on the local community of the rising number of people being tested positive

Now the fact in itself that I merely have to mention ‘the number of people being tested positive’ for every one to understand what I am talking about is a testimony in itself.  Regrettably the statement excludes the logical math, that when  more people are being tested, in numbers more people will test positive! It is interesting to note however how statistics fail to show the percentage of people tested positive that actually become ill. Compared to March/April/May 2020 the number of people dying have so far remained low.

Perhaps it is time to remind ourselves of how the way we interpret life, in turn affects the way we feel, which ultimately expresses itself in what happens to us physically. Constantly being bombarded with statements that cause fear, undermines the natural human immune system in itself.

Ever since our hunter and gatherer days and beyond, our human immune system has been equipped with an energy system called triple warmer.  Triple warmer is a defense system .  It activates itself when faced with danger enabling the so called fight, flight or freeze respons. In ancient days this was helpful when for instance meeting a sabertooth tiger or hunting down a mammoth. Triple warmer then made sure the bulk of available energy was directed to arms and legs so one could run or fight or stay as still as possible; all systems alert for defense if necessary.

As soon as the sabertooth had passed however or the mammoth was conquered, triple warmer had a chance to calm down, allowing the body to unwind, relax, release the anxiety, take a break, that way  giving  other energy systems, serving other bodily functions a chance to recharge.10 of Insights

With the modern times we live in now, the occasional sabertooth or food-hunt has transformed itself  into financial struggles,  social division, fear of disease,  polluted environments; global warming as well as additives, sugars and dead calories in our foods . As a result triple warmer remains switched on constantly. As such it keeps on drawing energy constantly from other energy systems serving the heart, bladder, gallbladder, lungs and digestive system; (which explains why people have an increased need to go to the toilet when in fear) Eventually, this constant deprivation of energy opens the door to illness in the other systems. As such triple warmer being on the alert all the time causes reactions undermining rather than supporting the immune system

So… maybe it’s time to rethink how to stay safe and stay healthy; see how triple warmer can be put at ease rather than respond to the broadcasts of the number of people being tested positive.

To ease anxiety….you rock

An amazing yet effective movement to ease fear, most likely used since ancient times and still used to this day at least on babies and toddlers, is rocking. Moving the body back and forth or from side to side has a very comforting effect on the flight, fight or freeze response. Interestingly enough the body in its natural wisdom is in the habit of wrapping its arms around itself while rocking in a gesture of self consolation. By doing so the hands ‘by chance’ end up covering liver and liver acupressure points on the right side of the body, as well as spleen acupressure points on left side of the body, both at the height of the bra line at the flanks of the lower ribcage.
Both organs play an important part in recharging the energy of the body (spleen) and letting go of toxins that accumulate under stress (liver).
Just wrap your arms around your upper body and see where they end up.

Another way is to place the palm of the right hand over the left side of the lower rib cage while cupping the right elbow with the left hand. By doing so the right hand again covers spleen acupressure points , while the left hand covers two very important triple warmer acupressure points that ease anxiety.
After a while, switch hands, placing the left hand over the liver, while cupping the left elbow with the right hand, thus again covering triple warmer acupressure points 10 and 11 at the back of the elbow, this time on the other side.

Nourishing foods .

One of the silent killers these days are our eating patterns, causing diabetes and fatty arteries. Strangely enough a lot of what can be bought in supermarkets (on offer) has little nutritional value. Due to overproduction, the use of artificial stimulants and genetic manipulation many fruits and vegetables contain far less nutrients than they used to in the days when we would farm our own greens and meats or at least derive our foods from local farms.
Make sure the vegetables and herbs you buy are fresh and recently harvested. The longer foods are stored, the less nutrients they contain.  Fortunately the trend to work with organic products is rising, thus diminishing the intake of toxins like pesticides and artificial additives.

Stay in touch with nature.

A walk among the trees or along the shoreline is a natural anxiety cure. Nature is filled with positive vibes and will radiate comforting energy in tune with all seasons. Moving the body in these energies stimulates all energy systems in the body. Ever notice how you take a deep breath when something stressful is finally over? The outside air does that for you automatically when you go for a hike in nature.

Stay in touch with yourself

With all the headlines, breaking news, hourly news and thousands of commercial impulses fired away globally each waking moment of the day, the world’s population is drowning in programmed expectations, mostly serving more of Lord Economy’s needs than human requirements. Meanwhile we tend to forget what really matters. Do I really want to eat what is on offer? Do I really want to wear what is in fashion? Why am I binge watching entertainment? What else could I do with that time?
I sometimes can be homesick for the 18th century, when life started at dawn and eased at sunset; when people ate what was in season and available; when time flew by organically organic rather than ruled by a watch.

When you start to think creatively about these things, the number of people infected will have less of a hold over you.

October 2020,

Ingrid Schippers

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