When I opened my wordpress this morning to prepare and write my first September piece for Dutchbuzz after the summer holidays ; I was reminded my last blog , titled ‘The World is Unwinding’ , was written in March of this year! Without consciously making the decision, I had taken half a year sabbatical on blog writing. Probably like many I was stunned about what I saw happening in the world and lacked the words to describe it.

In a way I’m still baffled as it seems almost impossible to get a grip on what is going on. When I hear people around me say they are waiting for things to get back to normal I scratch my head  the way Stan Laurel would; you know the slim guy from the Laurel and Hardy slapstick duo from the 19twenties and thirties. I also have the same dumbfound look on my face and wonder how people can even think things will ever be the same they again! Modern homo sapiens has at least 300.000 years of evidence that things always change and never stay the same.  Looking even at the last 200 years; the last 75 or 30 years even, should be enough to realize that life goes on and always evolves.

Even though I failed to express it; I have been watching the changes with a hopeful sort of curiosity. I think it is safe to say the bubble has burst. In a very cunning way, with something infinitely small beyond our grasp, the natural world we so easily milk and take for granted has confronted humanity with its mortality. Of course we knew all along we were mortals; yet were evenly skilled in denial, seeing death and disruption of our material lives as something that happens to others.  Though opinions have begun to change since the nineteen sixties; much of pre-march 2020 was spinning out of control with only few seemingly noticing it; with making money seen as the prime objective over caring for our fellow human beings and profit more important that producing wholesome cures, foods and products.

I sincerely hope that what started at the beginning of this year, will prove to be a prep school for many changes to come. In that sense it’s time for people to go back to school. To look around and see what is happening, what is needed, what each and every one of us can do to make this world a better place and a home for us all; Time for people to wake up to the fact that true contentment can only exist when there’s contentment for all. Many people still seem lulled to sleep while watching the evening news and seeing other people’s misfortunes. If it was part of a Netflix movie script you’d expect something to happen; something to be done about it.

The card that goes with change from material thinking into compassionate thinking and the need to evolve is card number XVI The Tower; the second card in the row of 7 cards that represent the spiritual world where human kind does its true evolving. Many fear the symbolism of this card; with two people falling out of the fortress they normally regard as their safe haven; tossed into the real world for more life lesson’s in the school of life.

To read more on the meaning of XVI: The Tower click the card. On the right of this blog you can also draw your own card and see what mirror the school of life has in store for you….


Ingrid Schippers

September 1st 2020

The evolving we do here on earth