I find myself on earth and encounter myself.


The course  ‘Ancient Wisdom and Personal Development’ , published  in 7 modules on the energy counseling blogpage following this introduction,  offers a view on how to apply sources of  knowledge for yourself by yourself as a lead to get more ‘return’ out of your potential in life.   

XIV. TemperanceIn essence, everybody has what it takes to walk his or her path.

3 of Challenges
Each individual is born with exactly those prerequisites needed for survival, prerequisites as unique as ones fingerprint, in turn handing unique opportunity.

1 of InsightsIn the present state of development, humanity, now more than ever, is influenced as  well as distracted at the cost of unique individuality and its qualities.

Only a few images on television are to paint a situation from somewhere around the world;
while advertisements and movies tell us what is supposedly good for us, mostly based on commercial norms and values. Compared to the infinite diversity of images humanity could álso produce, the newsflashes and web posts are merely drops in the ocean.   Mobile communication (twitter,apps)  increased the effects of half words and messages, limiting the human view point to a smaller spectrum while filling up a bigger part of available time and space.

2 of InsightsFortunately each development has a way of triggering a counter development. Next to the current increasing flow of relatively little information coming from the outside, a growing need arises to find answers from within. Humanity is also on a quest to do things differently. We are becoming more conscious of the choices we make, the things we do and begin to phantom it is our own behavior that influences the outcome.

Ancient techniques such as Yoga, Qi Gong en Tai Chi gain ground, literally and figuratively speaking. Eating habits are being scrutinized and in the medical field energy medicine guides us on an exploration tour of re-discovering the natural healing methods we were born with, enabling the individual to support his or her own energies and stay healthy.

0. The StorytellerCombined this ‘Body language of Energy’  and the basic question of them all in the field of personal development:  ‘Who Am I';
offer the individual human being guidance on a journey of its own amidst the vast currents of outside information.

The Nil-card of the ancient wisdom-based Tarot,  The Storyteller, (depicted at the right) is such a human being, traveling the world, knapsack on its shoulder, making the journey without preconceived convictions or cultural conditioning.

Imagine what you would do if you could walk your path, without expectations from the outside world, financial obligations or embedded cultural belief systems.

In essence it is the mission of each human being to develop itself in the course of life, by means of ones own insights, gifts and tools, to such an extend that these can be used to meet the similarly unique challenges each person inevitably meets on the path of life.  VIIII. The Hermit

In that, one is lonely in the sense nobody else can think,feel or want what you think, feel or want to do with your life. This is what gives you your freedom of choice, regardless the circumstances.
At the same time we are all united and serve as mirror to each other, at times to show how it should not be done, at times to star as an example.

We all come to earth with our own script. The better one knows oneself, the better one can make ones own choices and be ones own director, serving oneself first and ultimately the greater good. In that we are often stronger than we think we are and often have more to offer than we give ourselves credit for. What you think and feel, the way you act is unique for who you are and fits your life like a glove.
The Hermit, number VIIII  of the Trump cards, depicts this Journey of the individual on earth, in search of its true self, hidden behind the soul.


The next  7 modules describe which elements are at play in the Tarot, based as it is on ancient wisdom.  The Nan Yar – Who Am I  method is an interpretation of  it, with the focus on determining ones own path in personal development.

The following subjects are reviewed: 

1 of Challenges

Module 1: Earth, Breath, Presence,  the  3 prerequisites to get going.

2 of ToolsModule 2: The Storyteller in The World  on the inter-dependency of inner world on the outside world and the other way around. We all learn in relation to others.

3 of InsightsModule 3: The 3 Realities and their Gatekeepers.   3 layers of 7 trump cards each (numbered from I to XXI)  depict the different perspectives life comes with.  In the Nil-card,  The Storyteller, the ‘I’ of the individual , all realities gather during the course  of a lifetime.

Together the Nil + 21 other trump cards, form the 22 cards of the so called ‘Major Arcana’ which translates to ‘Big Secret’.



4 of ToolsModule 4: ‘The 4 suits (colors): Challenges, Insights, Gifts & Tools, describes the other 56 of the total of 78 cards, gathered in the Minor Arcana (Small Secret) divided in 4 groups of 14 cards each, numbered 1 to 10 plus a Page, Knight, Queen and King in each suit;
all carrying specific guidance in combination with the color they are part of.
Also these qualities gather in The Storyteller during the course of life.

5 of ChallengesModule 5: People and Numbers,  explores the significance of Numbers, which play a big part in the interpretation of  both the 22 Trump cards and 56 Number and Court cards.

Module 6 of Gifts6: Communicating with your Inner World.  explains how the subconscious (as opposed to conditioned thinking) mirrors the Archetypes, Colors and Numbers, and thus reveal their insights to its rightful owner.






7 of ToolsModule 7: ‘Who Am I in Daily Life’  describes how the Tarot as used in the Nan Yar – Who Am I method serves as an I-consciousness guide in personal development. This module also gives a brief overview of human consciousness through time.

Scrolling down to the end of the page, you will find a form to respond to each module. Reactions are read and answered (if required) on the website.

For personal questions, not be shown publicly, you can sent a mail to Ingrid Schippers at: info@energycounseling.nl.


And keep in mind….The Trick is to EnjoY It.




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