The Tarot is derived from the ancient regular card game, Spades, Clubs,Hearts, Diamonds,Joker (Swords,Wands,Cups, Coins,’Fool’ ) with 21 added Trumpcards numbered from 1-21 (I-XXI) .

Based on their original symbolism the suits of the Nan Yar -Who Am I Tarot,  are translated as follows:

  • Challenges  (Swords), This suit refers to the development of the I-consciousness.
  • Insights (Wands), This suit emphasizes the aspects of personal development in this life.
  • Gifts (Cups),refer to the talents and gifts each of us is born with; we all are unique.
  • Tools (Coins) the earthly means available to all.

The Tarot was placed into the world by esoteric sources (probably the Rosicrucians), at the end of the Middle Ages as a means of personal development. As the ruling Church and State were not in favor of people developing independently , the cards were disguised as caricatures. A striking example of that is Trump card number II, the Popess. II. The Popess
Which official institute in the Middle Ages would ever recognize a female pope as the Sophia Archetype, the ultimate source of Wisdom ?!

The need for personal development had not yet evolved within the general awareness of the public. People of the Middle Ages were accustomed to being ruled by their King and Church. The Tarot was therefore more used as tool to predict the future with (by interpreters) rather than to serve as a medium from which to extract one’s own inspirations and possibilities.

While we still live in a world where setting boundaries and having convictions of your own can be viewed with suspicion by those who rule; we also live in a time within human evolution, where a growing awareness takes place of our own unique position in the bigger picture and what we can do for ourselves (and therewith others) within that framework.

In this context, the Nan Yar – Who Am I Tarot mirrors that which deep down inside is already known to you, both about yourself and the world you were born in.


Earth, Breath, Presence.

The Nan Yar -Who Am I card game is one of the hundreds of versions created since discovery of the Tarot of Marseille, the most profound difference being that the Nan Yar – Who Am I  version centers around personal development rather than having the future predicted by third parties. What ever it is the future has to offer, ultimately depends on how you interpret it and who better to determine and value that but you?

The term “Nan Yar’, stands for : ‘Who Am I’ or ‘He who is Present’ and comes from Tamil’, a language that came into existence before Sanskrit. It might well be the first question a human being asks when becoming aware of his or her presence on earth, wondering which reality life is made of, and which part he or she plays in being present. We may choose to have our choices in life determined by the outside world and her propaganda. Question is however, if the statements and promises made, coincide with what they ultimately are and promise. Another question is if these messages are aimed at serving your well being or the well being of the messenger. It is therefore important to create your own spot on earth, guiding your own Challenges, gathering your own Insights, applying your own Gifts using Tools that work for you.

1 of Tools

The Body (1 of Tools) plays a crucial and guiding role in determining the path one chooses to take. This is why it is described as number 1 of Tools in the Nan Yar Personal Development game.

One can choose to numb the body or in fact wake it up. The body has a lot to say about its rightful owner and will not hesitate to do so through ailments, disrupted balance and somber inhibitions when we overstep our boundaries.

‘Visiting’ your breath a couple of times a day, observing which activity it reflects and how it ‘moves’ you, wakes you up to how you relate to life. To do three cycles of deep breathing (while taking your time and space for it) adds the bonus of expanded consciousness.,

1 of Gifts

When we look at the source of fulfillment in life, we are lead to the promise it holds; the gifts and talents we were born with and are free to choose from and develop.

Before anything else, everything consists of promise. We may choose to leave some promising features for what they are, depending on the situation we are in or what suits us better. This doesn’t alter however the promise in itself. Also here we need to watch whether it is what the outside world expects us to do, or perhaps ‘do what we do because we are used to doing it that way’. Is it the programming of your environment that is at work here or is it your own nature? It is advisable to do the occasional reality check while being present. To observe if what you think you see, coincides with what you feel you see.


1 of Insights

Just as in the first card of the first layer of 7 numbered Trump cards of the Tarot (I-VII); the Illusionist or Magician ( the Archetype depicted at the head of this article);
the 1 of Insights is about the phenomenon to learn and see through certain things ‘people’ want us to believe.

Ask yourself how many times you do things ‘the way you are supposed to’ or because ‘that is the way you were raised’. Try and step out of your comfort zone, doing something a different way for once, surprise yourself with what else you can do.

Imagine what you would do in a certain situation if it involved nobody else but you, no outside world, no partners, no parents, no teachers, no money, no matter what. This way of looking at your world can be extremely liberating.

1 of Challenges When looking at the esoteric meaning of the number 1, we see all there is in potential. The first step, the first word, the first gesture, the first day are all beginnings of what is yet to come. The number 1 is indifferent to any other number. All other numbers, multiplied by 1 do not add anything nor diminish the number 1.  The 1 remains who it is, the potential is always there, always exists, surviving any storm, any hype.

On the other hand the number 1 constantly renews itself. Every beginning is a new beginning, just like every starting day will be different from the day before. Again it totally depends what you choose to do with the new beginnings. The Art is not be distracted by what happens around you and to realize you need to draw your own breath first before helping others to breath. (in this context, also see Trumpcard number VI, The Lovers that tells about ‘The Law of the Oxygen masks)


Nothing ever is a coincidence. As such also the order of ‘number 1′ cards as mentioned above is no random event.

  • The Tools (all red cards) and their element earth, are connected to the physical world we live in and therewith our earthly properties (that which we use to function on earth)
  • The Gifts (all green cards) bound to the element water, encompass the emotional side of life. In that they are related and in fact fueled by  ‘Insights’ yet more concern the heart of who we are, our gifts and talents from the cup of life, present from birth; while ‘Insights’ are the properties we assemble as we write our life story.
  • The Insights (all blue cards) are connected to the element air and therewith our personal development; that which we build up during our lifetime(s) and becomes part of our Karma.
  • The Challenges (all orange cards), connected to the element fire, refer to the ultimate essence of life, our spiritual development or expansion of the I-consciousness, the part of us we carry with us through all eternity. It are the anti-forces, in our present state of evolution, through which we evolve.

Next week: The Storyteller  in The World.

0. The StorytellerXXI. The World