All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare


 A human life, needs 2 things:

  • A World to live in.
  • A Storyteller to create his biography.

To experience het life, also 2 things are required, 2 opposites from which life can develop itself; from which the Storyteller has the freedom of choice to do that which best fits his or her unique self.

All cards of the Tarot, – also in the interpretation of  ‘Nan Yar – Who Am I’ –  are as unique as a human being who is as unique as his or her fingerprint.

nanyarkleuren2The Number cards, the 1 to 10 of Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools, all own, combined with the characteristics of the group they belong to, their very own nature, which in turn is interpreted differently by each individual who reads the card.

The numerology, combined with the elements and other characteristics represented in each suit, combined with the interpretation of each unique human being consulting the cards, offers an infinite number of combinations. What matters, is what you, as Storyteller of your own life, see in the cards, rather than what they have to tell you.

The Court cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King of each suit, take this a step further. Queen of InsightsNext to mirroring that which the traveler encounters within the earthly environment, the court card also reflects the journey of the traveler’s soul.  This is described as follows:

The Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King) of each suit have their own rank with which they influence reality on soul level.

We all carry characteristics of the court cards within us. Just as humanity as a whole evolves in the course of existence, overcoming new challenges, acquiring new insights, ultimately getting the chance to improve the quality of life with the available tools; each and every one of us, individually, gets a chance to ‘improve’ during a lifetime. In the course of life, we acquire deeper insights that supersede our basic skills. These insights develop within our core, within our soul, adding to the ‘common’ properties of a being human.


This text can be found under the heading of ‘ All court cards’ of the  Nan Yar ‘all cards’ page, which also offers the opportunity to click on any other each individual card, and read about its specific characteristics.

Combined, the Number and Court Cards of Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools, represent the so called  ‘Minor Arcana’, which stands for ‘smaller secret.’

The Trump cards, the Major Arcana, ‘the bigger secret’ includes the card-numbers I (The Magician) to XXI (The World). Next weeks module, ‘The 3 layers of the Trump cards and their Gatekeepers’ will dig deeper into the essence of these cards. First we get acquainted with Trump card ‘0’ , the Trump card preceding all other cards.  In the Nan Yar – Who Am I  Tarot this is The Storyteller.

0. The StorytellerThe Nil-card is totally transparent and capable of adopting the characteristics of any other card or any other suit, number or court card,  similar to  ‘The Joker’ in a regular card game.
And yet, the Nil remains itself at all times.

Multiply the Nil with any other number and the outcome will be Nil. To be able to do that, the Nil detaches from all judgment while granting all numbers, suits, court and trump cards their own space.  The only thing The Storyteller does is to mirror and observe, to see itself in what the other cards uncover.

This typifies The Storyteller as an independent human being, with freedom of choice, non-bound to gender, culture, age, prejudice or inhibiting convictions.  All other  77 Tarot cards, can mirror themselves through The Storyteller, without loosing any of their essence. The Storyteller becomes the number, court or trump card, to then return to the life of its own, turning him or her into the Storyteller of his of her own life.

The Storyteller and the last Trump card, number XXI, XXI. The WorldThe World, are irreversibly connected to each other in this process.  The Storyteller needs The World to serve as a stage, while The World without a Storyteller has no story to tell.  Even if The Storyteller feels alone in The World at times, it is the place in which all of life can be reflected, mirrored by fellow human beings and the cultures The Storyteller encounters. The Storyteller needs The World, as Shakespeare stated, to serve as a stage on which the three-fold journey through time and space is enacted:

  • The Physical Journey
  • The Journey of the Soul
  • The Journey of the Spirit

Card number XXI, ‘The World’, basically refers to the Universe, the Macrocosm, in which the Physical, Soul and Spiritual Journey come together.



Next week: The 3 Realities and their Gatekeepers.

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