The international news was all over it this week. Following swine flue and other diseases that are a suspected threat to global health; this time it was the come-back of measles that shook the world.

Alleged cause? : Parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.
The American media jumped on it to spread the word to all relevant corners of the earth.

An interview with a rather aggressive American father who told the camera he was not going to vaccinate his child in order to save another, gave the viewer a pretty good glimpse of the destructive nature of those who refuse to ally themselves with what the rest of the world knows is the right thing to do.

At the same time, the mother of a child suffering from leukemia, (and therefore not vaccinated against the measles because of possible side effects), expressed her fear that her child would get the measles because of the actions of those who don’t want to co-operate and protect the rest of the world.

To top it off, Obama publicly announced there was no reason whatsoever NOT to have your child vaccinated. I assume it was the pharmaceutical industry and ministry of health holding a gun to his head off camera that caused him to say this, for also Obama must be aware of the growing number of reports and cases that show vaccination can be very unhealthy for some, with side effects as lethal as the anticipated disease.

But is this really a debate on whether or not people have the moral duty to forsake their own experiences or ideas in favor of the greater good? Isn’t this about totally different aspects that are used in the name of the greater good?

Unfortunately much of our world economy is still based on fear; fear of illness being one of them. This fear earns the pharmaceutical industry a good deal of money, in fact so much money that economy depends on it.
In effect the global population is being made dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, because it makes them so much money.

It would be a milestone in human achievements when fear of disease could be eliminated and solutions to all diseases could be found, but is the cloud really that pink?

When Bigpharma does not take responsibility for their mistakes, or even worse, hides them from the public eye, things can go very wrong health-wise in our societies.

Maybe the question is: Why hide these facts? Why not publish them and learn from the mistakes?; create something better for the sake of the greater good?
Is it Bigpharma’s own fear that publishing these findings could have a great impact on their profits? or would oblige them to reimburse those who suffered because of their mistakes?
Is it for this reason that those in favor of world wide vaccinations, rise to the occassion when a few members of a 300-million-people population get the measles? of which by the way most walk on in life after healing from their disease?
Is Obama’s statement in favor of a healthy society? or is it more in the interest of a healthy economy?

I’m asking myself this question out of my own fear that the power of those that rule will become such, that I will not get my hospital bill reimbursed, unless I can prove I have taken all obligatory vaccinations, including those I feel I do not need or for personal reasons do not want.
For that…I fear…will be the next step ‘for the sake of the greater good’.