It may sound too simple to be taken seriously,
or so basic that it is taken for granted and overlooked.
It may also go against what would you would want to be true;
because you want things to be different.
You might want to be able to eat ‘all you can eat’ without gaining weight or minding the fact that many mass-produced foods deprive you from important nutrients.
You might want to be able to drink alcohol without it affecting your health.
You might want to be able to smoke for the same reason.

Yet as the saying goes:

A healthy mind needs a healthy body

and that goes the other way around as well:

a healthy body needs a healthy mind.

The two go hand in hand like water goes with thirst, food goes with appetite and laughter goes with happiness. They are inseparable.

What triggered all this is a very meaningful interview I recently listened to by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, with John Grey, author of the book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

It woke me up again to the fact how a healthy lifestyle and a healthy spirit are interdependent.
How the way we eat, influences the way we function physically and how the way we function physically, influences the way we feel energetically,
(and how that is different for men and women.)

Now of course, as an another saying goes: There’s no sinner without a future, or a saint without a past. We’re all human, most of us drink a glass at times, as do most of us occasionally eat a piece of triple chocolate cake. (I know women do)

In a society where we get our nutrients in supermarkets that are filled with sweets; and even worse where the majority of products holds sugar;
In a society where ‘all you can eat’ restaurants are the place to go,
where environmental pollution is rife and where stress is the number one emotion in men, women children alike; it is virtually impossible to live a hundred percent healthy lifestyle.

What we can do though, is refuse to toss the towel into the ring and think: what the heck; they do it so why shouldn’t I?.
Instead take responsibility over your own habits, patterns and actions;
in effect influencing your own physical and mental health.

At birth we were all given tailor-made natural resources to nourish, educate and take care of ourselves, and each of us was given a mind of our own to set it all in motion.
To avoid making it rigid or ‘religious’, give yourself some slack every now and again, say 20% of the time, doing it right for 80.
Try it; and find it beats having bad habits 7 days a week.