An interview with James van Praagh in the ‘energies of love’ series by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, (as published today in the Facebook energy couseling groep) reminded me again of how our best healers are often harsh.

Or to quote the words of author Hermann Hesse:

In retrospect bad times have brought me more than the good times; One needs to pull at the roots rather than shake the branches.

It are often those closest to us, love relationships, marriage partners, family, children, lifelong friendships, that give us, once they go wrong, the most meaningful lessons in life.

Especially in our Western matter-oriented society this concept is a tough cookie to crumble. We like to see things veiled by a pink cloud, comparing ourselves to what commercial economy depicts as ‘perfect'; while what actually matters is the life experience we gather rather than mirroring the ideal image.

When we can see that which seems to turn against us;
as something we can learn from;
the pain of it becomes a whole lot less.

A small something to think about……