The human body is the vehicle or mindfulness, empathy and willpower.
When we are less comfortable with our bodies; these energies are less comfortable with us.

Today’s Body Language of Energy blog;’ highlights the 5 minute daily Energy Routine, designed by Energy Medicine pioneer Donna Eden; who shares the principles of this knowledge already  for many many  years.

We’ll see two people demonstrating the daily routine; Donna Eden herself and Prune Harris.  Observe, Compare, use them alternately; whatever way feels best for you.
Even when you know the routine through and through; it’s nice to do it under guidance and go with the flow.

When you are more comfortable with your body; your body is more comfortable to contribute something for a better world.

What the Donna Eden 5 minute daily energy routine will do for you:

  • Give the energy systems of your body a head start.
    By tapping certain acupressure points on the body, the energies are given a ‘kick-start’  (1 minute)
  • Ensures the energies are crossed over.
    Similar to the left hemisphere of the brain guarding the right half of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain guarding the left half of the body; the energies used in daily life are crossed over as well.
    At times however the overwhelming amount of information and impressions we receive on a daily basis, can be stalled out of self protection. This means the energies turn homo lateral (run in the same direction) and in a proverbial sense raise the white flag.
    A simple marching-technique put them ‘straight’ in cross-over position.   (30 seconds)
  • Balances the energy-circulation system.
    The energy pathways of your body both nourish and are nourished by each other.  A for instance stress full situation can cause the stress-support-meridian to draw more energy  from the other meridians.
    By balancing this system of give and take, every organ in the body is given a chance to function optimally.
  • Protects you against absorbing negative energy.
    On a daily basis we receive many more impressions than we register.  Some of these impressions however do not go by unnoticed in the sense that they leave an imprint on our energies. A negative remark, an unpleasant message or something that keeps coming back in your life and makes you weary.  A simple ‘zip-up’ exercise (taking only a few seconds) prevents negative energy from crawling under your skin.
  • Support and increase your emotional and physical resilience
  • Help tone down degenerative processes
  • Support your well being throughout the day.

Enough said, let’s go and do something….:) :

The 5 minute Daily Energy Routine presented by Donna Eden

The Daily Energy Routine with extra’s presented by Prune Harris