Normally I switch off television or radio commercials, but the other day I accidentally fell into the message of a big Dutch supermarket chain urging people to:

Buy more so it will be cheaper.

So what they say is:

Spend more money so it will cost you less.

Which of course is ridiculous. What they really say is :

Buy more than you need so you spend more money on us.

Isn’t it surprising how many people still obey these kind of advertisements and run to the supermarket to actually BUY whatever it is that is so called on offer. Is especially Western Society so brainwashed that we fail to see the seduction?

Supermarkets are like casino’s. They tempt us with what we think we need the most to survive: money.  Meanwhile they take what we are willing to spend.  Their very clever marketing departments promise a chance to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It makes us spend our money on profitable products rather than foods that are wholesome and good. Of  course Dutch government helps by coming up with a plan to double the tax on healthy fruits and vegetables and lower it on unhealthy soft drinks.  Apparently this is better for society, economic health being regarded as more important  than individual health and welfare.

What happened to the good old times when we were thrifty and only bought good quality durable products and only what we needed ? How come many obey to the commands of Lord Economy, and spend their money on things they actually already have in another version? Or lack the nutrients food should represent?

Fortunately things are changing. On social media I see people becoming aware, refusing to buy non-durable products; choosing to eat wholesome foods; moving to smaller houses and decluttering their homes. Cudo’s also for a local  The Hague entrepreneur who celebrated the day of durability last week  by organizing a clothing exchange where people bartered goods instead of buying more for less.

In a way it is so simple: The thing to remember is to

Do As You Like and Be Content With What You Have,

rather than being seduced by the illusion laid out as bait by pocket fillers.

I challenge you to find out for yourself how much is possible by using your own imagination and freedom of choice rather than following the Pied Piper of marketing departments. Give it a week’s try and use your own creativity to buy more for less. You may well be surprised about how good it makes you feel about yourself….X. Wheel Of Fortune

The card that goes with this is ‘The Wheel of Fortune’, or as it is dubbed in The Nan Yar – Who Am I version: Freedom of Choice.  As members of a community we tend to follow the culturally conditioned rules; at times forsaking our our own dreams and goals by doing so. We also use the ‘wheel of fortune card’ at times to escape responsibility by blaming the outside world or individuals other than ourselves for the things that go wrong in our lives.

Remember you are unique and own the birthright to create your own life life in your own world, where you take responsibility for your own actions; for the way you turn the wheel, rather than following the Pied Piper.

Card number X is the third card of 7 cards that represent the path of the soul while on earth, meaning it represents a universal truth that cannot be disguised by the veil of illusion.

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Ingrid Schippers, 16-10-2018


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