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X. Wheel Of Fortune: Freedom of choice

Explanation of this card

“Nothing is ever a coincidence.”

One’s fate can only be carried by the one living through it, and a situation can only be assessed by the one who understands it. We are all responsible for ourselves in the situations we find ourselves in, nobody else can do it for us; nor can we give others the blame for what happens to us. Your own choices determine the outcome, and only you yourself can make the connection between chance and what eventually happens. Seize the chance, or let it go by? Do you see how you are responsible, and what is tied to it?

Some Storytellers tend to see Fate as something that befalls them. It is however something we hold in our own hands, in the way we feel and think about things and in the way we take action.

Tool: changing Patterns

Patterns are like tracks in a bobsleigh course. They always make you go a certain way. When ‘by coincidence’ you see another way, don’t hesitate to take it and create new pathways.

Characteristics of The Wheel of Fortune

Taking responsibility. Synchronicity. Going with the flow, while making sure that we keep our heads above water.

Individual properties of this card

Trump Cards: Evolving Soul

The Trump Cards, or archetypes are numbered I through XXI, and are distributed over three layers of seven cards each.

1. the Temporal Body (cards I-VII)
2. the Evolving Soul (cards VIII-XIV)
3. the Eternal Spirit (cards XV-XXI)

The Storyteller is the unique Nil Card, who ‘ignorantly’, without preconceived notions, wanders through the experiences of the other 21 trump cards.

The second layer of the Trump Cards (cards VIII-XIV) addresses the evolving soul or peace of mind. This reflects the journey that the soul makes during its earthly existence.

Number: 10

Every number has a unique energy, and therefore a unique meaning and role in the interpretation of the card, in combination with the color or the archetype.

The 10 represents the ultimate manifestation of something. The 10 represents self-realization, but also self-critique, depending on how we choose to interpret it.

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