Recently I had the joY of participating in the Energy Medicine for Women course delivered in Rotterdam by Prune Harris. In my energy counseling Facebook group I regularly share one of the many youtube video’s of Prune demonstrating simple yet effective self-supportive energy medicine techniques; all aimed to help regulate the 24/7 energy flows and to encourage what is known as the radiant circuits in ancient Chinese medicine; the energy system in our bodies that give us the power and understanding  to let the energies flow and live life to the fullest.

Fortunately at this very point in time and human evolution; a rising awareness is emphasizing the importance of waking up and living our potential rather than doing the daily survival-driven drone.  This shift from money, power and ownership-oriented cultural conditioning to sharing, caring and valuing each others creative talents is highly necessary.

At the root of it lies the way each of us in our individual way responds to outside influences, misunderstandings and injustices. The world outside of us can anger or threaten us or make us feel powerless against the injustices we encounter in daily life.

The place to start and change that is with One Self. To know who you are, to know what you are capable of ( both the good and the dark side) , to position your potential into the world of good are the main ingredients to toss off the shackles of dependency on the outside world for your well being AND it helps contribute to make the world a better place at the same time.

The weekend workshop of Prune Harris reminded me of the importance of 3 simple ways to do your thing with all of your strength and support yourself in being energized and empowered. The exercises take a from 20 seconds to as long and as often as you like.

1: Be Grounded. Be Here and Now.

With our heads in the clouds, it’s hard to manifest anything on earth. We are often unaware of our thoughts or emotions drifting away to other places in time and space.

A simple exercise to ground is to march your feet on the spot where you stand, at the same time tapping your cheekbones with your fingers; gently, rhythmically, while minding your rounds of breath, take nice deep breath in through your nose exhaling, letting go of your breath through your mouth.

When you are sitting on a chair, make sure your feet are connected to the floor side by side resting on the whole sole of the foot.

When lying down pull up your knees so the soles of the feet are in touch with the surface that is supporting you. Feel the connection of your back and buttocks in touch with the earth gravity, allowing your bodyweight to be carried.

2 Be hydrated.  Water is a great transporter of energy. The better the body is hydrated; the better the energies can flow; plus water helps to flush the system of toxins.  Depending on other intake habits; a minimum of 8 glasses of  water is a good place to start.  (coffee, tea, cigarettes, salty foods and sugary things use up water for themselves and need to be compensated with extra glasses of aqua.) 

 3. Be Connected.  This refers to the inner energy circuits. Much like the electricity coming out of your living room wall, the human body functions on crossed energies., i.e. it flows from plus to minus, from yin to yang.  Without that flow energy becomes stagnant. A simple way to cross the energies is to firmly place your right hand on the muscle of your left shoulder and visualize pulling energy from the left shoulder diagonally over your upper body towards the right hip. Engage your breathing again into this process, inhaling while placing the fingers on a shoulder, exhaling while pulling the energies diagonally over to the other side.

Another exercise to help you ground and connect the energies (yin and yang) is connecting heaven(yang) and earth (yin),

demonstrated here by Donna Eden

but of course the best thing is to do the daily energy routine designed by Donna Eden, demonstrated here by

daily routine by Prune Harris 

The card to go with this balanced way of grounding yourself and finding your inner core and strength is card number XI ‘The Force’, depicting the image of the Yin being in touch with the Yang (the lion) . To read more click the card.XI. The Force

Wishing you a wonderful energized and empowered day. May the Force be with you :)


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