Meridians and their Affirmations,

a Body language of Energy session.

This coming Sunday, June 25, I will do a (more or less) one hour presentation amidst the energy medicine presentations of Angela Denis and Jorine Janssen on the Meridians and their Affirmations at Zee van Licht in Scheveningen (The Hague) from 1 pm onward. For more details of the event on Facebook, go here.

Love donation based – registration in advance (max 15 spots available) through the contact form


Practicing what I preach, I’ve made it my daily routine to say out loud what I call a ‘Body Prayer’.

It is based on an energy routine designed by the renown American Energy Medicine explorer, teacher & author Donna Eden and her husband David Feinstein.

The energy routine is named:   ‘Tracing the Meridians’.

Meridians are the energy pathways of our bodies. They transport the Chi,  Energy, Prana, Life-Force, whatever you want to call it, enabling us to perform our daily quest. Luke Skywalker would call it the ‘The Force’ .

The Meridians, 12 in all, are an intricate labyrinth of energy, connected to all organs and bodily functions.

  • Spleen,
  • Heart,
  • Small intestine,
  • Bladder,
  • Kidney,
  • Circulation Sex (Matters of the heart)
  • Triple warmer (The flight, fight or freeze response)
  • Gall bladder
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Large intestine
  • Stomach

Together they form an Energy Wheel, one following the other; one more active than the 11 others during 2 hours each day

The 12 Meridians are guarded by two main ‘parenting’ meridians.

  • Central meridian, – running from pubic bone to lower lip-,
  • Governing meridian, – running from the base of the spine, up along the spine over the center of the head and face to the lower lip.

Central and Governing meet at the base of the throat where they connect. When we yawn we can feel sort of a stretch all the way at the back of the throat. This is basically a reconnecting, reinstalling, rebooting of the  Central and Governing connection. It allows the flow of energy to strengthen its connection.

Stretching in general is good for all meridians. Compare it to stretching a rubber balloon before filling it with air. When stretched beforehand, the air will access the balloon more easily.

In between Central and Governing, the remaining 12 Meridians form an the internal road system which regulates and/or remodels the highs and lows in every phase and daily life situation.

All meridians are interconnected. I often compare the meridian system with a long and winding garden hose, transporting the water through all of the hose; passing past all organs, delivering and extracting whatever is needed where.

The difference between a Meridian and a garden hose is that the latter has a beginning and an end, while the movement of the meridian wheel is continuous, constantly reincarnating the energy derived from and donated to all body functions and organs along the way, admitting fresh energies while letting go of the old.

To give meaning to the magic the meridians perform and make them comprehensible to our human perception, the meridians can be defined by words, giving a name to their properties and the miracles they perform unconditionally every moment of our life, whether we are aware of this or not.

Addressing, reaffirming the unconditional energy supplying presence of the Meridians, causes their energies to lighten up even more.

Tracing them at the same time, i.e. following their pathways with your hands from origin to end, using the magnetic energy of the palms of your hands to encourage the flow of energy, the river if you will of Chi that runs through that particular part of your body, emphasizes their life force yet again.

Each Meridian has its own Affirmation; just as each Meridian, each organ, each function of our body, plays its very own part in the pursuit of life’s potential.

Spoken in sequence, the Affirmations are like a Prayer, touching on each sacred function, organ and natural mechanism contributing to our lives.

Donna Eden’s  ground breaking book Energy Medicine contains drawings showing the pathways of the meridians. These  pictures can also be downloaded from the inner source hand out bank. Simply type in the name of the meridian you want to know more about into the search section.

The handout bank also supplies the affirmations. as they were designed by Susan Shanley

For my own use I have made slight adaptations where I felt my own words corresponded more with my personal perception of a particular facet of life.  As such, the 14 Affirmations as listed below , differ slightly from the inner source handout bank.

  • meridian flow wheelI centre myself in Spirit (Central Meridian)
  • I ground myself in Gratitude (Governing)
  • I nourish myself with love (Spleen)
  • I love myself deeply and completely (Heart)
  • I am decisive and I know what I want (Small Intestine)
  • I am in acceptance, vibrant and fully in the present (Bladder)
  • (so) I step forward with courage  (Kidney)
  • (while) I take excellent care of my heart (Circulation sex)
  • (and) I trust my inner warrior, knowing I am safe (triple warmer (stress meridian)
  • I release judgment easily and assert myself peacefully (gallbladder)
  • (so) I am kind to myself (Liver)
  • I inhale fresh air (Chi/Energy), exhale what I do longer need in my life  (Lung)
  • I release Fear, Shame and Guild. (Large Intestine)
  • I trust the mystery of life (Stomach)


Generally ‘Spleen ‘is seen as the starting point of  the ‘Tracing the Meridians’ cycle, as Spleen holds an important nourishing part in ‘the feeding’ of the Meridians.

Each meridian has its own energy peak time, as can be seen by the 2-hour time slots mentioned in the Meridian Flow Wheel, in accordance with the natural rhythms at play during the 24 hours of a day.   For Instance: when it is 4 pm, I will start my body prayer with ‘Bladder’, as Bladder Meridian is at its active peek between 3 and 5 pm. Should I choose to do the exercise between 1 and 3 in the morning I could choose to start with ‘Liver’.

An alternative starting point is to start with the Meridian most active at the time of day you do the tracing/affirmation cycle.

Rather than doing all meridians, it is also an option to work with the Meridians/Body functions that need it the most at any particular moment. Again Donna Eden’s book ‘Energy Medicine’ explains in detail how to work with the Meridians in this fashion; tracing, flushing, strengthening, sedating them or  attuning them to the earth’ Meridians.