Practicing what I preach, I try and make it my daily routine to say out loud what I call a ‘Body Prayer’.

The Body Prayer is based on an energy routine designed by the renown American energy medicine explorer, teacher & author Donna Eden together with her husband David Feinstein. This energy routine is named:   ‘Tracing the Meridians’.

Meridians are the Energy Pathways of our bodies, known and used since ancient times in acupressure and acupuncture for more than 5000 years.

Meridians transport the Chi,  Energy, Prana, Life-Force, whatever name you want to give it, enabling us to perform our daily quest. Together they form, an intricate labyrinth of energy, connected to all of our organs and bodily functions. An internal road system that regulates and constantly adjusts the physical and psychological functions of our organs, stress response, creative energies, highs, lows; anything to do with life in every phase and situation.

All Meridians are interconnected. I often compare the Meridian system with a long and winding garden hose. The difference between  a garden hose and the meridian system however is that a garden hose has a beginning and an end – water comes in/ water goes out-  while the movement of the Meridian wheel is continuous, transporting the water through all of the wheel, passing past all organs and functions, delivering and extracting whatever is needed where, constantly reincarnating energy,  admitting fresh energies while letting go of the old.

To give meaning to the magic the Meridians perform unconditionally on a daily basis,whether we are aware of it or not, at the same time making them comprehensible to our human perception, the Meridians and their purpose can be defined by words, naming the properties of each meridian in single sentence, a so called affirmation.

Addressing the Meridians with affirmations is a way of recognizing their worth, complimenting them you could say. This encourages the flow of their energies even more, just like our energies are lifted when we get or give a compliment.

Tracing the Meridians while doing these Affirmations and by ‘tracing’ I mean following their pathways with the magnetic energy of the palms of your hands, adds yet another dimension of encouragement to the meridian’s flow of energy.

As each Meridian, each organ, each function of our body, plays its very own part in the pursuit of life’s potential every Meridian has its own affirmation.

Spoken in sequence, they sound like a prayer, touching on every sacred facet that plays a part in our lives.

Should you be interested to joining a life presentation of the working of this energy medicine technique I’m happy to announce I’ll be contributing my part in a love donation based gathering  in The Hague, this coming Sunday June 25th where this and other energy medicine methodology will be shared.

For more details go to the extended version of this blog “Meridians and their Affirmations’, which will also give you more information about the affirmations themselves and the meridians they are connected to .

Wishing you a joY ful day

Ingrid Schippers, 19 June 2017

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