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I am huge fan of the author Michael Crichton. Most of you will know him as the author of the Jurassic Park but he has written
way more than that on a very diverse range of subjects. One that stands out for me is his autobiography , simply titled ‘Travels’. Whenever I have one of those moments where I do not know what to do with myself in my life, Travels more often than not, is the book I will pick out of my bookcase.  At times it follows me around the house, from wherever I am to wherever I’m going. “There and back again”, to quote Bilbo Baggins.

0. The StorytellerWhat I particularly like about ‘Travels’ is that next to the stories about Crichton’s encounters and adventures around the world being smart, witty and entertaining, he is also a great Storyteller, in the sense that he explores his own mind as he travels. It is a joy to look at the world through Crichton’s eyes. He observes things others might not have noticed and although puzzled by some of them himself he so accurately describes his confusion that it sets you thinking, as if you are there with him, wondering what the heck it is all about.

Michael Crichton has been the one who made me aware that traveling,- which is something humankind has been doing since the dawn of its time,- is what jogs the human understanding of life.

There is a huge difference of course between an all inclusive holiday where one indulges oneself in the so called pleasures of life, or backpacking your way through the Himalaya’s, but somewhere in that middle, there is plenty of scope to evolve on, as  some internationals might agree.

One of the reasons I find so much comfort in Crichton’s autobiography is because funnily enough as a native of my own country, The Netherlands, I feel out of place at times, perhaps just as much out of place a some internationals might do.  It seems that once one chooses the path of Travel and leaves the nest, it can be mighty difficult to crawl back into the egg should the need arise. At the same time it is the need to learn how to Travel that makes us fly away.

It gets us of the couch and in touch with ourselves. It get us away from the television and the computer, even if those are not always considered a bad thing. Literally moving yourself from one place to the other gets the physical energies going and therewith the inspirational ones as well.

And while the traveling storytellers among us might feel lost at times; it is great to know that the world is on the move whereXXI. The World it concerns our evolution-long habit to roam the world, and that there’s many like us. We may not know them all personally, but there are out there, traveling the world, just like you and me. And some write there stories down in which we can find comfort and recognition.

Ingrid Schippers, May 11, 2017

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