Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
After meeting the high expectations that come with organizing the festivities, it’s time for some self care……(mothers!)?
Here’s a few suggestions:

One important thing to remember on self-care-days is to make sure your environment is clean.
Just like one does not want to eat from a used dinner plate; it is sóóó much better to relax in a clean house.
And while you might feel housecleaning is yet another job to do; it is also ‘ a massage for the energies’,  as exercise sets them in motion and makes you relax better after ‘The Job’ is done. (Similar to feeling good after sports)

Then there’s a myriad of possibilities, such as:

  • 1: An oil scented foot-bath while watching a recorded television program .
  • 2: A facial mask ( I always ‘sponge’ my face with a piece of pineapple and then put honey on top, it works anti-wrinkle wonders)
  • 3: A good walk in nature. Wear sports clothes so you can ‘sweat it out’. Top it off with a warm bath or shower.
  • 4: Meditation…..I know, I know, many see this is a challenge, rather than self pampering, but believe me it really is something you simply do. You give yourself a Life Time Award by making it a routine.
  • 5: In Between Energy Exercises; small little somethings you can do to pamper the energies, like holding the de-stress pressure points on your forehead, placing the thumbs on the temples and fingers underneath the hairline, where most people have little dents, (this is also great to have someone else do for you), while thinking of any past or present stressor that comes to mind, to process the stress rather than have it loop thinking in your head.
  • 6: Remember to do some nice, conscious, mindful deep breathing every now and again; and when you’re alone(or not afraid to) stick out your tongue when you exhale, then do that while making a throaty arghhhhh-noise. This cleanses the tongue and the lungs.
  • 7: Drink plenty, plenty, plenty of water, marinated with fresh lemon juice or mint leaves, at least 1,5 liters of it; served in a festive decanter, plain in sight, so you remember to drink.

Perhaps the most important ingredient of the day is to  Feel Good  (rather than looking at ‘all that still needs to be done’ ) about giving yourself this treat and to use the No-word only for others.

If you can’t do all this in one day….then choose at least one!

Have a fab day,


The Trick is To EnjoY It.