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With the American presidential election in progress this very moment, I find it hard to choose a suitable subject to blog about.

To be very honest I am a bit gloomy about it all. What is happening right now under our very noses is such an example of poverty in human development, that I feel somewhat deflated where it concerns being my usual positive self and write about how we can make this our world a better place.

I guess what the world is experiencing from a numerology point of view at the moment is a typical case of number 2; and no I am not referring to any sort of shitload here, even when some of what is happening in the world right now deserves that title.

The number 2 in general signifies being stuck between opposites
Where the number 1 is about all potential that can be found in basically everything;
and the number 3 is about the creative powers every human being owns within and can use to develop basically anything;
the number 2 is the learning curve in which we differentiate the potential of number 1; having to make a choice between the several possibilities, in order to move on from there on and create a more substantial 3 to improve the circumstances we live in.2 of Insights

The world seems to be very much stuck in the 2 right now however.
Differences in opinion seem to leading to more violence than ever and are in way larger than life. Differences between rich and poor are becoming bigger.  Differences between peoples are becoming more pronounced, causing more segregation. I could make this a very long unwelcome list and yet it is what is happening right now.

It is generally viewed the West is such a well developed, prosperous and rich part of the world. ‘The civilized world’ we call it. But are we really?

Are we any richer than indigenous tribes, where people still communicate without computers and cellphones? Are we better off than people who work their agricultural soil with their hands rather than machines; and use the support of the seasons and nature itself to create a healthy harvest, rather than fertilizers and pesticides?
Are we any wealthier for driving a beautiful car, wearing an expensive watch or dressing after the latest fashion?

Fortunately, the good thing about number 2 is that it always has a counter-side.
Anything good, evokes anything bad and the other way around. While 2 dogs are fighting over a bone of wealth and power, others, on the opposite side of the spectre are looking for ways to create new life. While some politicians create diversion to fortify their own power, others are fighting to bring people together.

I guess this is typical for the times we live in, where we need to learn first what we don’t want, before we can proceed into the creational powers of number 3.

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