I’ve heard it said that everything we see around us, is actually an illusion.

All the world’s but a stage,

Shakespeare wrote,

and all the men and women merely players.

Never before has this been more true than now, this very timeframe in human evolution.

We have grown used to commercials that paint ludicrous pictures of how life should be made perfect by using certain products.
We have accepted the bone skin model as the example of perfection for fashion.
We still play along in the believe politicians are in it for the greater good rather than their own.

The extremes of  what is painted as the perfect world by commerce and its economy, versus what is really going on in life, is becoming more extreme by the day.

I wonder what future historians, will say when then look at our culture of today.
Will they say people from the first decades of the 21st century were blind to the big commercial , money oriented scam they were living in?
Or will they say people from the first decades of the 21st century were in a process of beginning to see and understand that much of what they were shown was basically a fraud.

Fortunately we are beginning to question supermarkets that have more in stock than their customers could possibly eat; while elsewhere in the world people hardly have clean water to drink.
And we are beginning to criticize bone thin models walking the catwalk, endangering the lives of young girls who become anorexic.
Awareness is setting in.
More and more people begin to see lots of things in this world should be handled differently.

It is a cultural phenomenon however to see the opposites become more extreme in times of change.
While one half of the world is beginning to see the light so to speak and starting to pierce through the illusion of welfare and safety;
the other half is emerging itself deeper into defying change, trying to re-establishing the illusion of safety through old mechanisms of power.

The american elections 2016 are a frightening reflection of this sort of polarization.
While more and more people are beginning to see the craziness, the power struggles, and the money bought madness the american elections 2016 are build on;
the eyes of the world are at the same time more than ever captivated by the illusion that is taking place in Washington D.C, captivated as the world is by two dogs fighting over a bone.

My advise would be to, instead of voting which of the two dogs should win; vote for something you find important in your life. Turn your eyes away from the illusion and see what you can do in your world, involving your family, your circle of friends and community and not be side tracked by the illusion taking place in a battle  we see happening somewhere on what is but a stage.

Ingrid Schippers, October 31 2016

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