In physics class in high school I learned that everything we can touch or see is made of matter;
and that everything that is made of matter is compiled of molecules;
and that molecules keep whatever it is they represent together by moving around really fast.

I also learned that the more dense something is, the slower the molecules move around;
so the molecules of the table or chair move at a different speed and have slower frequency than say the internal speed of a tree, an animal or …..a human being.

Even though I was more of a language person in school and never really mastered the arts of math and chemics, this part of physics drew my attention like nothing else.

How, my mind tried to picture, did that work? How could tiny particles be the answer to keeping something together? How did molecules circling around each other and in that way holding together a table or a chair, or a tree, a horse or me myself for that matter (pardon the pun) provide the answer to the mystery of life?

To this day, I am still not able to grasp the concept of it, but then maybe it is not my business to know…
It’s there as it is.

Fortunately the solution to ‘how to keep things together'; was created before humans came into the world, for I don’t think we could have played God here, and should be grateful the system already existed when we were born.

What a human being can learn to do however,  is to tap into the thought of consciously directing the frequency that holds our body, world and universe together.

Even Science these days recognizes that raising the frequency of something, raises its vitality, promotes its pace.Page of Insights
The higher the level of frequency, the higher the level of consciousness and vice versa.
The more we are present, aware and create intention; the more we are here (or there), the more we are conscious;the closer we get to where we want to be.

‘Great’ you might say, ‘but how do I do that? How do I raise my frequency?

Well first of all you get out of your lazy chair and start doing things. To be or not to be a la Shakespeare.
You start taking the initiative, as well as responsibility,  for what needs to be done to bring your life to a higher level.

Yes this is a pretty difficult assignment. Its much easier to wait for other people to live life for you and to blame other people when mistakes are made, but if you do that, you stay as stuck in the gravity of low frequency, as matter in a black hole in the Universe and not very much will happen in your life other than the same old same old.

So basically, to make your world, and your life in it, a better place, you take action and wake up to the opportunities and possibilities life offers. You go through the learning curves instead of watching other people go through theirs. It’s much like playing your own baseball match rather than watching one.

A simple thought as well as difficult, but give it some time. Test it out in some minor case studies to begin with, then move on to the bigger challenges.

I’m pretty sure you will begin to see the light ;)


Ingrid Schippers, 14-10-2016

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