Would you agree on the following:

To make something happen in life it is necessary to give it attention and intention.

The way something is given attention and intention determines the outcome.
When I give negative intention to something, chances are the outcome will be negative
When I give positive intention to something, chances are the outcome will be positive.

What it comes down to is:

The way we think is what gives every situation the energy to work with. In turn this energy determines the way the wind blows.

Thoughts on society for instance, create how that society is viewed, in turn converting those thoughts into what is acted out, hence turned into reality.

One of the problems of today’s world is that its inhabitants are drawn into materialized and negative energy.
I am not going to set any examples here, for I am quite sure you perceive your own, when you watch the news on television, read the paper or look around in your circles of family and friends.
This, while the secret to happiness is to think positive. Being critical and discontent creates less enjoyment in life. (Even when external conditions work against the situation, one can always stay positive. I always see Nelson Mandela a great example of survival in that context. No matter the harsh conditions he lived in, he endured, survived and manifested.)

Put like this it actually sounds quite simple, but practicing what is preached here, turns out to be a whole different matter.

So the question is:

How can I make life easier on myself and prevent myself from being dragged into the negative influences that reach me through media and personal happenings and relationships?

How can I rid my mind of negative loop-thinking, that makes me go round and round till I drop.

Queen of GiftsEven Science these days, is researching the benefits of sending positive energy to situations that need it. This is called meta-meditation,; meditating for the benefit of the world and therewith yourself.
It can also be called prayer.  Praying for the wellbeing of others or situations, sending it positive intention and love, (looking upon it with tender loving care) improves that situation

While there may not be direct visible result in the form of numbers or written facts; the energy that surrounds the person or situation shifts and becomes less harsh, for it is being unconditionally given with good intention. (In a few generations from now, we will be able to shift energy through pure willpower.)

“But I don’t know how to meditate” or “I wouldn’t know how to pray”.
The answer to these questions is directed by the intention of the person or group doing the meditating or praying. It can be done, but you have to want to do it first…and then do it.

While meditation doesn’t enlighten overnight,(it is not supposed to, for how would we go through the learning curve, if it came in the bat of an eye?) it does clear the mind when the inténtion to do so is set.

Basically ‘all’ meditation or prayer does, is reset the mind and turn the negative, the hopeless, the forlorn into the positive, the hopeful, the intuitive.

And while nor prayer nor meditation may be a direct and instant line to the solution of a problem; it does create space of mind  and renders the possibility to look at things from a different perspective; resets the negative and turns it into what you would want it to be.

Just a (positive) thought :)

Ingrid Schippers, 07-10-2016

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