Inevitably the course of a lifetime brings a varying few people who turn certain situation into quite a challenge.
From parents to teachers or politicians who abuse their power.
Everyone, at some point in life,will be confronted by actions like these, causing feelings of great disappointment, anger, fearfulness or defeat.

Feeling misunderstood and humiliated may well be one of the hardest pitfalls to live with. It has the potential to debilitate people to a point where they question the use of life.
While going through some pretty harsh experiences of my own over the past few weeks, a little booklet came my way and when I opened it one particular sentence caught my attention;

When you send  feelings of love to trying situations, miraculous shifts take place.

Something deep inside me stirred when I read that. A truth, long harbored, yet not completely understood, not yet ready to set sail. A ray of light though, shed on the understanding, that holding a grudge to a certain someone or certain situation feeds the negative energy it already emits.

Learning how to love, basically defending my right to be happy, is an extremely important antidote against negativity in life.
We may be a long way away from it yet, but it is my personal belief, humanity is destined to learn and live together as a peaceful group of people who support and encourage each other, instead of being divided and ruled by politicians and religious institutions.

Perhaps we should see these challenging situations as personal casestudies, enabling us to discover the Power of Love as the Trumpcard to use against the antiforces at play;
teaching us along the way how we can change the fate of the world by changing our own fate first.

We were all given a life of our own when arriving on this earth, with the freedom of choice to live it any way we want.
And we know this, for we’ve seen it in examples throughout human history. Famous names, Fransiscus of Assisi, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, all Children of the World preaching love, proving their point by setting the example, empowering themselves, not by denying the injustice, but by sending it love.
And while theirs has proven not to be the easiest lives to live, they are certainly the most admired. That to me proves humanity knows, deep down inside, that our true goal is to become loving human beings.

Ingrid Schippers
Den Haag, 30 November 2015

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