Do you consider yourself to be judgmental? Just be honest with yourself, while remembering there is basically nothing wrong with being judgmental. The ability to be judgmental is a natural Tool given to us to be able to distinguish good from bad; rotten from fresh, capable from incapable, worthy from unworthy. We need it to find our way in daily life past treacherous ravines or mountains that are way too high for us to climb…as yet.

So initially judgement starts off by being a good thing, supplying protection; helping humanity to make the right decisions and survive.  Beware of the watchdogs of western society though. They have given the commodity of judgment a totally different ring. Even the word itself “judgmental” has a negative implication. Being judgmental is not considered as being a good thing. Why is that one may wonder?

Googling,  I read on a new age transformational website titled Trans4mind, how:

Judgementalness is a conclusion that something does not exhibit characteristics which we believe that it should exhibit. We are comparing the thing to an ideal, and to our personal values.

So again, what’s wrong with that? When you buy your food, you expect it to be fresh,right?  Nothing wrong with that. Fresh food is my ideal food and I certainly think my food should inhibit that characteristic, else I do not buy it, simple as that.

So then what is the problem with judgment in western society? Did we get it mixed up? Are we perhaps no longer using XX. Judgementjudgment to select fresh foods or sane partners? Are we now pointing our watchdog arrows at how people dress, how much money they make? How much they weigh? What color they have? Perhaps Western judgment has fallen victim to the material consumers mentality, looking only at the outside, forgetting about the true person living within.

Everything seems to be  centered and measured around how much it costs, how much it will cost, how much it will cost you, how much it will cost me, how much it will cost the governments; we judge in terms of value in money, rather than in value of care or authenticity.  Judgment in the western world has overthrown caring in the western world, which is why judgmental acquired a negative ring.

So now that that is established, the question is how to counteract it?

Well, quite simple really, simply remember your ability to judge is being influenced by exposure to about 3000 commercial impulses a day, either consciously noticed or caught by the unconscious in magazines, billboards along the road, branding on clothes and other articles and that in fact ‘branding’ is top on the list of everything people want to sell these days.

Also remember that television networks on a daily basis broadcast only two hours of real news selected from what happens to 7 billion people within 24 hours. In that sense we were better of in the middle ages when we only knew what was happening to our 10 neighbors and only needed to be judgmental about that instead of also having to take Russia, the United States, China, Africa, Brexit and the European union, melting icecaps and rising sea levels and all that other stuff into into consideration, no wonder the world is a mess when we have that much to be judgmental about.

Personally I have turned off the television and try to focus on what happens in the direct circle around me, my family my friends, my environment. For that is where my world starts and supplies me with more than enough to be judgmental about.

Ingrid Schippers, March 2017

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