Would you agree we all have intuitive skills which we at times fail to use because the outside world tells us to do something differently?
Defining what you really want, really feel and really think can be quite a roller coaster ride in today’s world.

Here’s 3 steps, represented by the 3 Gatekeepers of the 3 levels of personal development (Body, Soul & Spirit) to motivate your intuitive skills to help guide you through the world of do’s and don’ts.


Step 1: Do the Reality Check.

I. The Magician

It might be an inconvenient truth, but keep in mind a majority of actions taken in the outside world are aimed at making us believe a certain something;
ranging from commercials promising success in love and life as long as  the right deodorant, shampoo or even washing detergent is being used,
to people who tell things they want others to believe, while in reality the telltales are far removed from what is really going on.

Remember modern day society is thriving on commerce.
People constantly want to sell you something; ideas, products, illusions, hot air.

In that sense humanity is still a child that needs to grow up and learn how to speak the truth; to give real help and really care about the welfare of others,  which brings me to Step 2: Let The Heart Speak

Step 2. Let The Heart Speak

We live in era of evolution where humanity is constantly testing its ability to think.VIII. Justice
Quoting Descartes,: ‘I think, therefore I am’,  emphasizes how highly we value this human ability.

At the same time the one big observation often made, is how people in the western world ‘live too much in their heads”.

Perhaps the two are related and it is this constant test driving of our ability to think  that wears us out and puts our intuitive skills on the back burner of life.

So my motto is: think less, feel more, bring the concept of thinking, feeling and willing (wanting) into a more balanced perspective. ‘Risk’ listening to the heart over obeying the brain;
for as we’ve seen in Step 1, the information the brain is processing, is not always as truthful as we would want it to be, while the heart simply cannot lie. It cannot think, it can only feel. Unless we are ‘heartless'; the truth always lives within and while we can be ‘brainwashed’, to be  ‘heart-washed’ only indicates a cleansing.

Step 3: Befriend The Dragon

XV. The Anti-force


‘Denial is not just a river in Egypt ‘ someone once said on
how most of us would love to believe there are no dragons in this world.

We live life while trying to ignore the bad things as much as possible, both in the world around us as well as within ourselves.

Again it’s a bit of a nut to crack, yet the beauty of it is,
that recognizing the dark side of life,
of all our lives,
in the outside world and within,
puts reality into perspective and allows the gut feeling to emerge from the depth of true knowing.



Conclusion: In general the 3 steps invite you to discard shallow food for thought and temptation and involve the heart,live life with a conscience, something the subconscious knows everything about.

The personal development method  Nan Yar – Who Am I , of which the cards featured in this blog are derived from, is entirely based on exploring the intuitive side of life.
The meaning of each card, represented by an archetype, number and/or suit, reflects something that lives in its own personalized way within each and everyone of us.
Draw your own card here, and explore how the explanation mirrors itself  in  your daily life.
The Nan Yar page of this website, features an overview of all 78 cards.
Each card you click on, including the cards of this blog, give an explanation.


Ingrid Schippers Tuesday 14 June, 2016

This blog is featured as spoken end note of the Dutchbuzz edition of June 14 2016 and can be listened to on The Hague FM from 10.00 tot 11.00 pm or on the Dutchbuzz podcast of June 14 2016