My previous blog: Paleo Fitness, the Body Language of Energy,  highlighted the wisdom of our ancestors, the hunter and gatherers, who were masters at weaving well being into daily life.
Instead of going on a much needed holiday, they took breaks and applied natural healing techniques throughout the day.

In our present day and age, we hardly get or take the time to nourish our daily energy needs.  Life is pressured, with a constant need to answer to the call of economy, trends and external must haves.

It is no coincidence that ancient health exercise such as Yoga and Energy Medicine are gaining ground again after centuries of absence.
Just like the Paleo diet which has come into fashion lately, teaching us ways to eat the way our ancestors ate; the ancient wisdom of our forefathers has also something to teach us in the field of Well-Being.

Humanity has been given very important tools  at creation; powers that went dormant when we started to use our brains rather than our intuitive skills. Fortunately, our bodies kept these tools in their DNA.

We still put our hand where it hurts,  we still yawn when we’re tired and we still rub our eyes when we want to re-focus, all natural techniques to balance and reconnect the energy pathways of the body.

The reason we stopped being aware of these limitless sources of healing is largely because we changed our social standards and ways of looking at healthcare.
In ancient times people did not have a pharmaceutical industry to save them from energy blockages, which is where illness originates from. Instead they relied on acupressure, stretching and exercise techniques to get their energies running.
In modern day society, we use chemicals and refrain from stretching or yawning in public, as it is seen a sign of boredom or even considered rude to do so.

Stretching however, is a simple and natural technique of the body to open up to the several systems that govern the flow of energy;
while yawning is simply a way of the body to reconnect the two main meridians, which meet at the back of the throat.
Take a moment to do a good yawn and you’ll find you can actually feel, these two meridians reconnect.

Several different methods are available again these days, to re-install the ancient techniques of Body Language, ranging from simply stretching or taking a sturdy walk in nature, to yoga, energy medicine, acupressure points and ways to massage the body.

One I highly recommend and demonstrate in the Body Language of Energy group and individual sessions, is the 5 minute daily routine composed by Donna Eden.
It boosts the immune system , gets the energies flowing, gives you a prefect start of the day and supports you when you need to revitalize during stress or illness.
You’ll find a video of the Dona Eden 5 minute daily energy routine right here.
And remember….the Art is to EnjoY it.

Ingrid Schippers Tuesday 7 June, 2016

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