Every now and again, I draw a Tarot card on my own website. Not so much to have my future predicted, for that is not what the Nan Yar – Who am I personal development cards intend to do.
Instead they are meant to serve as a trigger to stir the knowing I carry deep down inside me.
It is within myself the tools to shape my future are to be found.

In that sense life is like an iceberg. Ninety percent or more of what we know about ourselves is hidden ‘under water’ in the depth of what we were born with, gifts, talents, inner knowing.
This is in fact what makes us human.

The five to ten percent sticking out of the surface is what we harvest in daily life; things learned from living in the outside world; values given by parents, knowledge instilled by schools, cultural habits taught to believe in.
It is literally the tip of the iceberg we work with most of our time on earth;
while the answers to many questions are to be found in the depth of the subconscious rather than in the outside world.

While it is very true we are here on earth to go through the experience of life and along the way,- i.e.:our path – gradually learn more about who we are and what we are capable of, it is in fact the inner knowing we were born with that is to shape our choices of that path we walk in daily life.
Without using this treasure chest of the subconscious, we are not much different from the neanderthal who once walked the earth,

Through time or maybe I should say through evolution, we’ve gathered knowledge that allowed us to develop into the thinking human beings we are today, conscious of the fact we have a life to live and a quest to perform.

The catch is however that the more we developed, the more we started living ‘in our heads’ often overlooking all that precious inner knowledge hidden deep down inside of us, 90% of the iceberg, the subconscious that shapes our choices.
Instead we respond to the call of the 10 % of daily life, respond to time schedules to keep, bills to pay, the logistics of kids, school and having a social life.

The missing link as far as I am concerned is the moment when we realize that living those daily life logistics, is only 10 % of what we have to offer.
The missing link is the moment when we sit down with ourselves close our eyes and take the time and create the space for ourselves to allow our deep inner gifts, talents and knowledge to surface and co-exist in the outside world, so we can literally live a fuller life.

It’s a bit of a tough cookie to crumble as many of us fear the part of the iceberg that sits under water, as we don’t know what it involves; in which directions it sticks out, all in all; were does it go? Where will it lead me?
Yet at the same time it is undeniably a part of who we are, a part we often suppress out of fear what we might find.

I think though that what you’ll find is the missing link, the path that leads to the true meaning of life, not the mortgage, not social media, not the clothes we wear, nor the car we drive or how skinny we look, but to find who we really really are.

About these and other subjects triggered by the Nan Yar personal development cards, sociable gatherings will be organized at location Scheveningen/Hellingweg, (also English spoken) starting September 2015.

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