There are those moments where suddenly the light bulb goes on.
Things I’ve seen happening right under my very eyes for very long, yet as I’m so used to seeing them happen the way they do, I hardly ever question their validity.

Recently I came to notice certain patterns about myself, that I had never even recognized as such and by that I mean I had not even recognized them as a patterns, but simply as something I was used to doing a certain way. Something I was used to doing the way I was brought up to believe was the right way to do.

Obviously everyone needs certain convictions to go by, a springboard from which to start and base decisions on, but convictions can be very binding and blinding and close off doors to new opportunity if we don not question them every now and again.

While some convictions can be there to protect us from doing things rashly, they also have the ability to ground someone in the negative sense of the word, preventing that person from evolving.

A recognizable pattern, familiar with many is arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders.
Regardless of where, when or how it developed, many shy away from spiders and are unable to touch them. Spiders instill a certain fear.
Yet even though these fears consume precious moments and situations, only few people will actually do something about it. Instead ‘they learn to live with it’, as such creating a reality that includes a pattern that accepts fear of spiders as a fact of life.

This while it is relatively easy to get rid of fears. Hypnosis, Tapping, Behavioral therapy, self-reflection, a wide range of methods live out there next to spiders; some only taking little time and effort. Even simply holding a spider just for once can be effective and make way for other things in life, provided of course the fear is unfounded and you’re not squeezing a black widow or other poisonous spider between thumb and index finger.

‘But why should I get rid of my fear of spiders?’ one may wonder. ‘As long as I avoid them I’m perfectly all right.’

But see here’s the point. Avoiding things, avoiding confrontation, takes time and space and consumes a certain percentage of an every day allotment of energy. Just imagine you would have an certain quota of energy of 100% that equals 10 hours of a day and even as little as 2% goes to looking out for spiders on a daily basis, meaning 12 minutes per 10 hour day. On a yearly basis that is 12 minutes times 365 is 4380 minutes is 73 hours, is more than 3 full days and 7.3 10 hour energy days that are spent on looking out for spiders. Just think how you could spend that time differently and what you could spend it on.

Next to being liberating and therewith rewarding, getting rid of a fear opens windows of opportunity, that we do not sense or foresee as long as we stay in the old pattern of fear. Energy invested into one fear, cannot be used for something else, so my point is that even though I fool myself at times by saying I’m perfectly fine with the way things are; getting over my fears and changing these things can give me space I could not even have dreamed of. That is the reward for initiating change.

In their book ‘Energy Medicine’, Donna Eden and David Feinstein present a surprisingly easy exercise called the temporal tap, involving tapping the left and right temple area above the ears while using an affirmation.
I’ve found a little video for you to watch where Donna explains the principle.