The Science of Psychology has a habit of dividing people into personality types based on fixed data.  It seems to me however people are way too unique and complex to be comprised into the cubicle of set traits. I also feel its a rather ‘brainy’ way of evaluating people; judging them more on stereotype characteristics than on the immense total of energies that accumulate them into who they are, thus surpassing a huge part of their personal gifts and potential.

Perhaps its better to observe how people communicate with each other see them in action; real-time  non-scripted behavior; the spontaneous truth so to speak

Last week I listened to an interview with Donna Eden on the Science of Energy Psychology.

Everything we do produces a certain tone of energy. To communicate properly it is important the energies between the parties involved are aligned, so people speak the same language. This is key to grow towards an empathic society where humanity learns to share and care and literally speak each others language, rather than becoming individually successful in our cubicles.

I’m going to leave it to the skillful description of Donna Eden to explain more on how these different energies influence the manner in which people exchange vital information to each other and how to synchronize these different angles of communication. You’ll find the interview on this subject underneath this blog.

What I do want to already share is a short simple 3-step technique Donna talks about at the end of the interview. It’s a quick technique to bring you back to who you really are, which is vital for a good exchange of both facts and feelings. The basis of communication is to be in alignment with your inner you; speaking words of wisdom rather than the things we tend to say when irritation or pretense brings out the worst out in us.  The importance of stepping back into the neutral self, involves all components of who you are.

Notice Breath- Soften Belly- Open Heart.

Here’s a 3 step technique, that might well work communication wonders.
It promotes setting aside the anger or indignation while calling back in the traits of understanding and genuine communication.

  1. Notice Breath: Take a moment to notice your breathing and settle into a peaceful way of Belly -Breathing, relaxing your shoulders and facial expression
  2. Soften Belly: consciously soften your belly. The belly holds our chi or qi point; where all energies we use on a daily basis originate from. It tends to harden when we feel angry or threatened. Loosen it up and you’ll find more space to express yourself.
  3. Open Heart: Energetically open your heart. Place both hands gently over the heart area; (unless you’re on the move driving a car) close your eyes if you will and take a moment to see how that makes you feel..

It can be done real quick and helps to keeps you from saying things too rash.

The card that goes with this, more than anything else, is card number VI  from the first row of 7 cards, representing the 7 conditions to live in theVI. The Lovers physical world.

The Title of the Card
This card is titled ‘Relationships’  (The Lovers’ in the original Tarot, yet represents all sorts of relationships, be it lovers, parents-children, teacher-student, friendships, work-relationships, doctor-patient; any situation where communication is of vital importance to the energy of the outcome.

The Number of the Card
‘As it happens’ the number VI, this card has been given from its very origin in existence; in numerology is seen as ‘the number of communication’.

Click the card to read more on its meaning and see how it reflects on you and your ways of communicating.

Click the following link for the: interview with Donna Eden on the Science of Energy psychology.

Wishing you genuine communicative energy :)

Ingrid Schippers


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a 3 minute podcast; the Energies of Communication