We live in times of transformation. I hear many people around me talk about things going on in the world; things changing; things they are appalled about; things that worry them; the state of our earth; affairs going on in politics, concerns about climate change and plastic in the seas

Professional astrologists point out that our planet at this point in time and human evolution is undergoing difficulties and that we are to expect quite some transformative experiences in the weeks to come. Especially March I learned will hold some surprising moments. Halfway April apparently, the uproar will cool down somewhat.

Yet even though these are uncertain times  I can also feel the buzz of what is going on. Maybe its about time to accept that a whole lot of structures and systems humanity has developed over the last 200 years, need to be re-examined for efficiency and integrity.  In my teenage days in the seventies I remember thinking there must be something wrong with me, for nobody seemed to be bothered too much with the poverty, dictators, extortion and abuse going on in the world, even when we saw a lot of it happening on the television-news while we were sipping our after dinner coffees and eating the cookies that came with it.  People who were living prosperous lives,  did so without much shame and it was all about the money. Wellbeing was measured in money. Who you were, what you meant to the world was measured in money. For a long time it was an revered truth.

In this second decade of the 21st century it is beginning to dawn upon humanity  happiness stems from something much more valuable than economic welfare.

That’s why the atrocities of our lifestyle are now out in the open; exposed for what they are.  Scandals are being unveiled; sneaky politics are made visible, criminals in so called successful places are exposed. In that sense I like these times of change and uncertainty and actually feel it was high for this to happen.  Things need to change. The abnormality and utter decadency of human behavior on earth needs to be acknowledged.

We need to go through the tunnel  however to see the light at the other end. In that process  people are divided; one group wanting to go through the tunnel. one group wanting to stay where they are.  One party convincing the other of seeing things wrong. A war it seems  of all against all dividing nations, communities, families and relationships into parties thinking the opposite of what the other party thinks. Humanity is angry with each other for thinking differently.   Yet thinking differently is just what is needed in times of change.

XIII. DeathSo not only is it about Transformation; it is also about Acknowledgement; confirming we need to do something to save our planet for ourselves and posterity, while detaching from the old ways of thinking.

In the west however most people still see transformation as the death of something that used to be. Add to this the materialistic view, there is no such thing as life after death and you end up with the fear ‘to loose it all'; which is why more conservative people find it hard to accept change.

The two cards that go with this subject the ‘Death-card, number XIII and ‘The Tower’ which signifies detachment and letting go of the old.XVI. The Tower

Looked upon from a transformational point of view; death is about the transformation rather than the end of life.  To see it that way however one needs top embrace death. I find it interesting to see there seems to be a whole movement coming alive (pardon the pun) that seems to be doing just that. People begin to see the importance of ‘death’ and how it can bring them enriching experiences.

The Tower is about letting go of old beliefs and convictions; about knowing change is a necessary component of growth. To move on, one needs to let go of the old.  Without we’d still be hunting deer with a spear. Try doing that with a Rolex on your wrist.

The card of Detachment  is often feared. People prefer to stick to the same old same old, as that is what they know. Is knowing ‘what you’re at’ however  a guarantee for happiness?


Ingrid Schippers



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