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XVI. The Tower: Detachment

Explanation of this card

“Show the world who you are rather than what you’ve built.”

Surrendering forms the basis of The Tower. In the end, we are all only part of the spiritual world. Everything else is transitory. Our cultural conditioning uses many methods to teach us that the value of life should be tangible and visible. The Storyteller helps us understand that this is an illusion, and to realize that true attainment only really happens on a spiritual level.

Letting go of material attachment and the desire to please others, creates space to move on. Building a tower to control what is happening and control who gets in and who stays out, deprives the Soul of the opportunity to grow.

Insight: letting go of Attachment

Stepping away from expectations and coming out, widens the freedom of choice.

Characteristics of The Tower

Surrendering, letting go. Taking a step back from being in control, and to our attachment to money and possessions. Being alone. Letting go of addictions.

Individual properties of this card

Trump Cards: Eternal Spirit

The Trump Cards, or archetypes are numbered I through XXI, and are distributed over three layers of seven cards each.

1. the Temporal Body (cards I-VII)
2. the Evolving Soul (cards VIII-XIV)
3. the Eternal Spirit (cards XV-XXI)

The Storyteller is the unique Nil Card, who ‘ignorantly’, without preconceived notions, wanders through the experiences of the other 21 trump cards.

The third layer of the Trump Cards (cards XV-XXI) concerns the consciousness soul; developing the I-consciousness and act upon it. What you own, or what people say about you, is subordinate to who you really are.

Number: 16

Every number has a unique energy, and therefore a unique meaning and role in the interpretation of the card, in combination with the color or the archetype.

The 1 and the 6 stand respectively for potential and communication. At the same time, as the 7, they are the number of all the conditions necessary, in this instance, to become more spiritual.

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