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VI. The Lovers: Relationships

Explanation of this card

“Without others there would be no need to exist, yet the need to exist always starts with the Self.”

A child learns to speak when it hears others speaking. The functioning of one contributes to the functioning of the larger whole, of which we are all a part. In this respect, we are all equal, despite culture, gender or age. At the same time, we’re all unique, and every building block is necessary to complete the whole. In this world, none of us would exist without others, yet the origin of every one of us lies within ourselves, and every individual is separately responsible for his or her own development. Just as we are instructed when flying: “First place the mask over your own nose and mouth, before taking care of others.”

Everything in life evolves around how we relate to each other. A relationship is as healthy as the partners participating in it, with each partner having shared responsibility for the relationship and full responsibility for oneself. Therefore, as they say aboard the airplane: “Put the oxygen mask over your own nose and mouth first before helping others.”

Gift: Rituals

When something is really important, it is revered through ritual. Paying respect to the Self, taking good care, cooking healthy meals, getting enough sleep, creating time and space to relax and enjoy, are rituals that determine the quality of Self-care.

Characteristics of The Lovers

Contact and sincere connection, with yourself as much as with the I of others. In general: the energy of a relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a parent/child, work, or teacher/student relationship, a friendship, or a relationship between life partners, etc. The degree of commitment will affect the degree of quality, and therefore the degree of fulfillment for those involved.

Individual properties of this card

Trump Cards: Temporal Body

The Trump Cards, or archetypes are numbered I through XXI, and are distributed over three layers of seven cards each.

1. the Temporal Body (cards I-VII)
2. the Evolving Soul (cards VIII-XIV)
3. the Eternal Spirit (cards XV-XXI)

The Storyteller is the unique Nil Card, who ‘ignorantly’, without preconceived notions, wanders through the experiences of the other 21 trump cards.

The first layer of the Trump Cards (cards I – VII) is the physical layer, or the ‘experience soul’. This layer mirrors the physical conditions on earth through which we gain life experience.

Number: 6

Every number has a unique energy, and therefore a unique meaning and role in the interpretation of the card, in combination with the color or the archetype.

The 6 is the number of communication, with your surroundings, but especially with yourself. Not only in a verbal sense, but in regards to everything having to do with the word relationship, in word and gesture, intuition and the spirit, with others as much as with the I. When you clearly know ‘what you’re worth’, your relationship with your surroundings also improves.

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