‘The Tower” or ‘Detachment’ as I prefer to call it in the Nan War Who Am I cards, is a card people prefer to keep in the pack during a reading. For many it signifies they have to detach (which is true btw) from what they are used to; what they are taught and therefore think they need in order to survive; sticking to the old ways of doing things.

Sometimes however Life provides us with ‘things’ that force us to face a truth we’d rather deny. And even though it might feel safer and more agreeable to stick to the same old same old; the reality of things inevitably opens gateways of new energy, filled with inspiration and new incentives. In that sense card number XVI in the third layer of the spiritual path is an important card to identify with if we want to open new sources of energy.

It seems to me that many people in this day and age are still in denial.  This in spite of many others who are sounding the alarm on why it is high time all people should open their eyes to what is happening.

I’m always curious what history books will say about this day and age in a hundred years from now.
Will they be appalled at the homelessness and emotional or material poverty some people lived in these days?
Will they wonder why so many of us chose to turn their backs on each other rather than turn around and reach out?
Will they have figured out why the rich and mighty got away with saying that people who live in poverty have themselves to blame for that and should use their circumstances as an incentive to become rich like the rich…. As if that is all that matters?
Will they have figured out that we are all connected in an intricate web of give and take, and that what happens to one, happens to all? Just like the butterfly that flaps its wings in Japan, has an effect on what happens at the other end of the world.XVI. The Tower

I have my hopes up. I see more and more people and groups of people taking action; in spite of ‘the system’ trying to freeze people into fearful robotic entities.
In spite of those watching the news, and perhaps shaking their heads but still live by the rule of those in power who all that time only serve themselves.
In spite of television programs showing how people are evicted from their homes because they can’t keep up with the materialism that is running this world.
In spite of commercials making us believe we need certain things for survival that we can do perfectly well without. In spite of people crying out about the oceans being polluted with plastic while at the same time buying new packs of plastic bottles filled with soda’s, shampoo’s, cleaning liquids and even more dangerous poisons that contaminate our environment.

But I still have my hopes up. I see more and more people stepping out of denial and create change for the better.Some are surprised to see at how initiating change for the sake of the greater good also turned out to improve their personal lives. But that’s how energies work. It only takes one butterfly to flaps it wings of transformation.

Steppin’out of denial might seem challenging, but just think of the potential it has. A potential the world very much needs, if we want to turn our it into a better place.

To read more about ‘The Tower” and its meaning, click the card.

Wishing you the opportunity to detach from the old and explore gateways of new energy,


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