A dear Dutch Energy Medicine friend inspired me big time today by publishing a post from the NOS.nl national news station about five American ex presidents, Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Carter, Obama and Clinton, participating in a fundraising event for the survivors o hurricanes Harvey. Irma and Maria.

For 5 American ex presidents to come together like this I think is a stroke of genius.They presented themselves as they are at this point in time, vulnerabilities and charisma included.

  • Bush Sr, not afraid to show up in stage in spite of the fact he can hardly respond due to Parkison’s disease;
  • Bush Jr, whom I never admired for his politics but who had the guts to speak up about a fellow republican president;
  • Carter, whom I actually learned to appreciate after his presidency.
  • Clinton, from the ambitious Clinton clan who held the world’s attention during one of the most public political catfights ever
  • and then ofcourse Obama, whom I can only admire.

The present president of the United States showed up on a big screen. Had it been Obama’s days, America’s first would have been on stage as well, but maybe in a morbid sort of way this worked even better.

Mr. Trump, – I’ll say his name once- , had to make an appearance because of the other 5 ex-presidents stating their case. Had it be up to him he would have left it at what he was criticized for, supplying not enough aid to the people of Puerto Rico. Now however he was forced to praise his predecessors for their effort to stand united and serve as an example on how America should stand united to help those in need.

A brilliant brilliant move against today’s ruling narcissism and self interest politics.6 of Gifts

It taught me an important lesson on a personal development level as well. For even tough quite well acquainted with the principle of forgiveness and turning the other cheek towards those who make my life miserable, I find it extremely hard to live up to the challenge of being mild to people I dislike. Instead I turn my back on them and avoid any form of interaction.

What The Bushes, Carter, Clinton and Obama are doing here however is facing the problem heads on. They are doing something about the deadlock by cheerfully stepping right in the middle of it, saying ‘hi, we are here to help’.

We should all be doing that. Defy how world leaders want us to think and act, pack our own suitcase and do what we think needs doing, rather than pointing the fingers at those who are not doing what they should be doing.

Something to chew on perhaps. If you need some inspiration; click the link at the top of this blog, to watch the NOS.NL news story on the ‘Amerikaanse Presidenten’.

I say:  Let’s All Embrace Each Other Now

Ingrid Schippers, for Dutchbuzz 24-10-2017.


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