Throughout life I’ve met quite some teachers to whom I owe a lot; but then we all do.

Even when we are not aware of it we encounter people along the way who supply us with bits and pieces that shape us into who we are.

Sometimes it is that one book, that one brief exchange, that one chance encounter on a totally unexpected moment; that one  one seminar, that one saying at the inside of a restroom door, that will change your view and as a consequence change your reality.

For me there are 3 basic rules that I have derived from the roughly 3 decades of encounters , books, seminars , and sayings on toilet doors during my roller coasterride after I left the coocoo’s nest,


VI. The Lovers1: Nothing is Personal.

I owe gratitude to Camillo Villa for this wisdom, whom I met in The Hague a good 10 years ago and who now lives and works in his country of birth: Columbia and is involved in all sorts of shamanic work. (you’ll find him on Facebook)

My interpretation of what Camillo taught me about ‘Nothing is Personal’ is that the behavior of others is the behavior of others. We tend to think it is us, doing something to trigger another person’s behavior, but it’s not. The way the other behaves is due to the other, not to you or me.

In the Nan Yar – Who Am I method, this concept is reflected in ‘The Lovers”, the card reflecting all relationships. Lovers; but also parent-child, boss, employee, politician-voter anything to do with communicating with another; the number VI (6) also being the number of communication.



I. The Magician2: What you think , see and the way you speak about things is what shapes your reality. (What You See is What You Get)

“Thoughts turn into things” the celebrated American spiritual teacher Mike Dooley, also known as Mr. Universe calls it.

Note that that what you think, say and see, is more often than not shaped after your cultural conditioning, i.e. the way you were  taught to think,  subsequently resulting in the way you view things, in turn resulting in the way you speak about them.

Always do the reality check deep down inside to see if what you say or think is also how you feel (note the different verb) about what you were taught to believe.

The gatekeeper of the physical journey, The Illusionist or Magician, tells the story of how looking behind the veil of illusion; knowing its tricks, brings clarity on your path. Click the card for more.



XVI. The Tower3: Do not attach to outcome

Life is about what is happening now, not about what will happen tomorrow. In fact what will happen tomorrow depends on how you think now.

Once I have enough money, I will…;

Once I’m in a happy relationship I will…

Once I have good job, I will….

These outcome thoughts are not (yet) relevant. The moment to create the outcome you want is NOW,  by wanting it with every fiber of your inner being, not by wishing it to happen, instigated by forces outside of you.

To visualize what you want, put it out there in the Universe so to speak, is a good first step. But stay there; observe its development by looking inside and observe how you respond. Don’t wait for it to happen . Life is what happens while you’re making plans, the famous saying goes, so be sure leave your options open and don;t victimize yourself thinking there is nothing you can do about it.

Attachment may well be the Victims biggest enemy. Attachment to money, making yourself dependent on other people, relationships.  In your own world it is important to rely on what you have to offer, and most of all use it, rather than locking yourself up in a tower of cultivated truth or need.


Ingrid Schippers, March 18 2017


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