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Here’s one especially for the ladies, or that is to say; it’s actually a great exercise for everyone over 21, but since it’s the girls in our western society who are particularly worried  about  wrinkles appearing in the face, I dedicate this blog to the beautiful women whose faces show the hardships life at times can bring.

Now before handing over a natural health tip about what you can do about facial signs of aging, let’s make one thing clear:

Wrinkles do not appear because we are aging.; Wrinkles appear because of the way we respond to life. The condition of our facial expression and looks reflect what we worry about; how we feel obliged to stick by the clock and other schedules and how we excessively overplan most minutes of our day.

What wrinkles also reflect is the state of our body. Energy medicine, such as acupuncture teaches that each and every organ is connected to a pressure point in the face.

1 of ToolsSo not only does the face express our worries and deep thought with wrinkles on the forehead; it also expresses the state of our kidney’s, liver, bowels and spleen; going as far as the state of our lungs and heart. All organs and the heart speak up about how they are doing,  using the bags under your eyes; the wrinkles on your forehead; the state of the pores and the glow radiating from the facial skin as an example.

So next time you are considering to buy an expensive anti-wrinkle ointment; remember the other 50% depends on how you feel and how the organs in your body are functioning

Way too often, while droning on with our daily chores, we do not acknowledge how we really feel; or consider our liver might be tired; our kidneys overstretched or our gallbladder overworked. Often we are way too strict with ourselves, feeling we should be able to this without taking extra care of ourselves.

But you know what; starting the day by  donating 5 minutes of your daily schedule; giving yourself a nice facial massage, will not only lighten up your facial expression, – which is after all our true business card- ; it will lighten up your life as well.

Facial acupressure will stimulate and nourish the organs connected to the facial pressure points you are massaging; helping them to perform more efficiently throughout your day and as an extra benefit this will show in your face; that is the order of things.

So here’s what I found and am sharing with you. An 8 minute video bij an American acupuncturist Emmajean Rombach, who lives, as I found out to my surprise, in Lenox Massachusetts, a stone throw away from the Kripalu Instute for Yoga and Health, where I did my re-run Yoga Teacher Training and courses in Dreamwork, my spiritual home in de United States. It’s a small world after all.

EnjoY my find and have a great day without too much frowning ;)

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Ingrid Schippers

April 24 2017


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