Throughout the ages, all the way to this very day and age; certain life-stories have proven themselves capable of capturing people’s imagination. Some, like Alexander the Great, were born centuries ago, Some are mythical or legendary figures like Odysseus or King Arthur. Others appear in literary works; Hamlet,Scrooge or Bilbo Baggins. Even in modern day movies know to enthrall their audiences by portraying the quest of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars; Simba in the Lion King; and an impressive number of captains of the Starship Enterprise who go to worlds no man has gone before.

Apparently these characters fill in a desire that exists within modern day civilization. A desire to find answers to some of the biggest questions in life:

Who Am I ?


Why am I here?

Especially in this day and age these questions have become more and more important. Only a century ago people were thinking the way their Kings their Queens or their Church wanted them to think. Their ruler’s quest was their quest These days an increasing number of people are looking for their own purpose in life. They value their own thoughts; their own feelings, their own grail; their own meaning of life. The world as it is today is transcending from being followers to individuals, which is causing a lot of turmoil with the people in power who want to stick to the old ways and keep their peoples in check.

I find many people today have a lot in common with the legendary hero’s of the past. Taking a closer look at some of their life stories, I see

  • None of them have an easy lifetime.
  • All heros travel from the known into the unknown; none of them know what awaits at the other end of the tunnel.
  • They all initially resist their apparent fate; yet they all end up following their heart.
  • They all have to fight and overcome controversy barring their path in the outside world
  • They all struggle with inners demons of their own.
  • They are all at some point helped by forces outside of them and have teachers and helpers stepping in when they are about to toss the towel into the ring.
  • They all undergo a form of transformation without attachment to outcome
  • And in the end, they all accept their fate; embrace the controversy as their teacher and friend and some ….;
  • Even forgive their torturers for the pain they inflicted.
  • And finally…all Heros find salvation and return back home.

When you look at the stories of all times through this lens; you’ll find they mirror the basic aspects of your own life; unless you 22desire to stay put and flick through the television channels; binging on the demons of modern day; the series and computergames; where perhaps you can follow the Hero’s journey of others, but certainly escape your own.

The card that goes with this, is without the shadow of a doubt The Storyteller. The ‘fool’ free from prejudice or preconceived convictions. The Hero traveling past the Archetypes
Numbers and Suits of its lifetime, mirroring its Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools in the storylines life provides. It’s up to the unknowing ‘Fool” to set himself in motion and as the Storyteller of its own life, write the narrative without attachment to outcome.

To experience your own groundbreaking transformation and enlightenment, put your knapsack over your shoulder; wake up the Hero within and go do your thing….

Wishing you safe Travels



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