Back from the holidays? Put on a few French cheeses; Italian pasta’s or Greek mousaka’s? Then you might be on a diet. The thing with diets however is that your body outsmarts you. When you try and fool it by eating low fat, low carb or sugar free products; it goes on red alert and puts a hold on letting go of what it considers to be the storage of nutrients; fats, sugars and proteins.

Even more so; your brain is collaborating in this and smarter than you think. When it detects the body has been given the placebo; it starts to sent signals down the body to ask for compensation or in other words:

 Sugar- craving here I come.

It was an article in the Dutch magazine ‘orthomoleculair’, founded in 1983 by Dr. Gert Schuitemaker that made me aware of this the brain/body response to eating empty calories . The article cited a survey constructed by American orthomolecular scientists who wanted to know why there was an increase of people developing diabetes during the nineteen sixties.

What they found was that in the flower power days,  when American consumers were first introduced to low fat products, people started to eat surprisingly more sugars. The explanation being that the body – tricked into thinking it is getting solid calories; yet given indigestible  molecules without genuine content instead – demands compensation,  as programmed by mother nature.  In turn this causes people start and eat more sugars.

Undeniable proof of the outcome  of this survey came 10 years later; when the low fat product lines reached the shelves of the European supermarkets.  The exact same thing happened all over again. The increase of use of low fat products, went hand in hand with the increase of diabetes.

We’ve come at the top of being a consumers society unaware of what we eat exactly.  Many of the products we buy in the supermarkets are as dead as a doornail; containing preservatives, artificial sweeteners and genetically manipulated molecules. All in all they provide very little nutrients.

Marketeers help huge multinationals to sell these bad habits in order to earn money. They even construct techniques to have people buy more for so called less, causing a mountain of waste; while making people over-consume.

The so-called handy pre-packed cut veggies are held crispy and green by putting them in sealed plastic bags with some sort of toxin that keeps them from decaying. In reality these products are 5,6 days old – if not more – and have lost all form of life. The are technically dead. Basically it is all one big illusion. Children’s biscuits with added vitamins; are also filled with sugars and preservatives that are not good for children

It has always surprised me;

We are prevented from being our own boss over our smoking, drinking or drug-use habits; because that inflicts major costs on healthcare; yet we are allowed to eat toxins; preservatives; artificial sweeteners; and fake fats as that keeps economy going. Even when it poisons our children, our environment and ourselves.

The good news is that people are becoming aware of all this. A high increase of vegetarian and vegan consumers do their shopping at local markets – organic if possible – or grow their own produce; making sure what they eat is still alive and toxin-free.

So…want to get rid of your indulgent holiday kilo’s? Go natural and eat pure and healthy products and leave the soda’s (especially the ones with artificial sweeteners) out of it.  I’ll bet you a full fat cheesecake, it will work wonders.

There’s two cards I thought of with this blog.. (click the cards to read more on their explanation)

18One is the Illusionist; card number I of the row of seven cards, describing the physical world we live in.

As first card the illusionist is the Gatekeeper; showing us we are being tricked into believing the magic; the maya; by marketing magicians who lie to us about so many products and are allowed to do so by the powers that be on our earthly plane, to sponsor and honor Lord Economy.17

The second card is Temperance; card number XIV; the last card of the row of seven
cards showing the path of the Soul. We know deep inside what is good for us; the body knows. We know when we are being lied to. It is up to us to see it though; nobody but we, ourselves, can remove the Veil of Illusion; grasp the trick we are being shown.


So remember:

Only use what you need and be aware what you eat

Be conscious, be healthy



The abridged version of this blog is broadcasted September 3rd 2019 on Dutchbuzz ; the radio program for internationals on The Hague FM, every Tuesday in Season, from 8 till 9 pm.

3 minute and 3 seconds abridged Dutchbuzz version of ‘Loosing weigh by gaining awareness’