3 minute (abridged) recording of the end-of-the-season Dutchbuzz blog of June 25th 2019, ‘The treadmill of tweets”

Yeaaah (Kermit style) holiday time is here! I have the honor to speak the famous last words;  of the Dutchbuzz season that is, until it resumes in September. For those who are packing their suitcases to go on a well-deserved break here’s a little holiday tip;

There’s a Buddhist saying that goes:

You are not unhappy because you live in the world; you’re unhappy because the world lives in you.

So my tip is: Take a break from the tweets, mails and social media posts that tend to string our days together. Have a proper look around! Nothing beats being in the moment and enjoying the spot on earth where you are right now. No need to check your phone to see what is happening in the rest of the world.

Constantly checking a cellphone is basically like eating. When you would count the number of calories (or bites) consumed per day; you’d find you’re consuming much more than you think. Remember though that what is in that phone; what you are being fed, is only a small selection from trillions of things you could really choose from if you had a personal overview of everything that is happening in the world this very minute.

The news items are mostly about money anyway; or politicians biting each others heads off or taking the biggest share for themselves. Don’t let it ruin your day. Stay away from the commercials and temptations that urge you to buy, invest or join; thus shaping your understanding of what life outside the cellphone apparently looks like. It’s what you are told, hundreds of times per day and end up talking about with hundreds of other people a day, people you don’t even see or know; while there is so much to be found directly around you; people to talk to; things to talk about.

The information we get on what is happening in the world has shrunk to the size of a cellphone.

Without realizing it we have reached a point in evolution where we are  being mass-managed and manipulated by what a relatively small group of XXI. The Worldpeople in power give us to read.  When you start your working day; what you see on your laptop shapes your first thoughts.  We live in a treadmill of tweets, commercials and social media posts and keep on running from one subject to the other.

Instead go birdwatching or go for a bike ride, watch the rabbits hop through the fields. Only use a phone when you have a flat tyre and need help. Write a postcard, letter or in a diary what your day has been like; what you’ve noticed directly around you; what moved you; what you’ve discovered.

I bet you a dollar you’ll find another world out there.

The Archetype to go with this subject is definitely The World’ itself; card number XXI; the last of the 3 rows of  7  to do with 1) life in the physical world; 2) life of the Soul and 3) life in the Spiritual world; the all encompassing Archetype of Life and All It Involves. To read more click the card.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday close to your self; a personal stay-cation :)

Ingrid Schippers, June 23rd 2019