How you tune into life is how you set the tone of it

‘Be mindful of your self talk’, somebody told me this week, ‘it’s a conversation with the Universe’

Basically it means that the way you view life is the way you get life. When you’re grumpy, you get a grumpy day; when you’re vicious you get a sour day, and on the positive side, when you’re joYful and grateful, you get a joYful day to be grateful for.

6 of GiftsSo it depends on how you tune in.
Much like a radio station tuning into the right wavelength to be able to broadcast;
and radio listeners tuning into same frequency to be able to hear the broadcast,
people do the same and  communicate at a certain frequency with the outside world as well.

But then, there are those days, outside our jurisdiction, when the Universe seems to be hammering us. Where one energy consuming thing after the other drops in, takes up time; influences moods or sometimes even worse the stamina for life.

So what to do when this happens? How to get your energies buzzing again, up the frequency and tune into the buzz?

All human bodies have a system as old as humanity itself. It’s  is called the flight or fight response. It dates back to the old days when we were still hunters and gatherers and had the occasional confrontation with a sabertooth tiger.  When that happened, the human body in defense, would drain most of the blood out of the frontal lobe of the brain, located in the forehead and send it to the limbs of the body, the arms and legs, so that the person threatened by the sabertooth could either run away as fast as possible or use all energy to fight it.

A side effect of the ‘flight or fight’ is that the brain stops emitting its happy grateful creative frequency, the one we function in best.

In our modern day times, we still have this response. The difference is that the sabertooth has become extinct and has been Queen of Giftsreplaced by other forms of stress of which we have plenty in our world today, – I am sure you can think of your own examples.

A very simple way to help yourself when this happens, is to place your thumbs on your temples and your fingertips on the forehead, just underneath the hairline, (where most of us have slight indentations). You can even think of what is causing the stress and turmoil, for the technique will help you process the trauma of what happened that wiped out your energies, while at the same time the blood will return to your frontal lobe and returns your ability for creative thinking.

I am not embarrassed to say I used this exercise on myself today when I found myself incapable of writing and recording this weeks Dutchbuzz blog because of loads and loads of turmoil going on in my life at present, both good and bad,  but all in all: Too Much!

So if it had not been for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, the listeners of the recorded version of this blog, would have been listening to some music right now.



Ingrid Schippers, February 14 2017


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