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Over the last few month I have been writing articles and interviews for the upcoming 2-day training presented by Sara Allen in Amsterdam, May 20 and 21, on Energy Medicine for the Dying.

For those of you who have never heard of Energy Medicine:

Energy Medicine is a way to shift the natural energies that define the quality of daily life, both on an individual and collective level.

Where modern day allopathic medicine approaches the body through visible physical systems and diagnosis; Energy Medicine includes the flows of energy from unseen sources, such as the Chakra’s and the energy pathways acupuncture makes use of.  The flow of these ‘invisible’ energies can either be sedated, strengthened, flushed or awakened through simple exercise.

The beauty of Energy Medicine is that it is 100% organic, in that it makes use of the natural resources of the body.  The
human body, life in general I could add, is not just a physical organism; it also has an emotional, mental and spiritual side to it.

The body in all its inborn wisdom knows it has these resources and works with them in the process of life and living.
In our hunter and gatherer days, when there was no pharmaceutical industry to chemically moderate the functioning of the human body, Energy Medicine, was the natural way to help oneself and others.

So what does all of this has to do with dying one may wonder, which, if you’ll pardon me saying so, is a material way of looking at the end-of-life process.
When looked upon from a physical point of view only; dying is seen as the end of life rather than as part of it.
When we include the mental, emotional and spiritual component; we see a whole lot more is involved.

The human body, in its wisdom, knows this too and responds to its dying process by supporting, sedating and preparing the organs and functions of the body for the final part of life

What Sara Allen will be teaching in May in Amsterdam, are techniques derived from Energy Medicine and other ancient sources of wisdom that explain how the body functions during the process of dying and what can be done by those who support these loved-ones, patients and clients.

Energy Medicine is a simple hands-on way to shift and support the natural energies. Anyone can learn it, anyone can do it, for self-use or to help others.
Or to quote Sara Allen’s comment on the May workshop, from her interview:

The novice can sit next to the advanced practitioner and both of them will go away with whatever they need to know.


To read more about the Vital Energies of Dying, the articles and interviews with Sara Allen and Ineke Koedam,co-founder of the National Expertise centre for Dying and author of the book ‘In the Light of Death’ (Dutch title: In het licht van sterven) and her thoughts on the physical, mental, emotional en spiritual layers of the process of dying, go to the website of Energy Medicine Nederland ( and click :

Series of Blogs: The Vital Energies of Dying.

All blogs have a translation in Dutch.

Ingrid Schippers, February 21 2017

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