Call me a romantic, but it is my personal belief that ‘in the old days’, when we were living in tribes; sharing the results of the hunt, weaving baskets with each other for the same purpose; gathering berries and roots to make community meals – we were in a way better off than we are now.

In the present day world of Lord Economy, where our true leader is the God of Money, it’s more about how much profit a service or commodity generates, than how it serves a community or the individuals that live in it.

By now, a.d. 2017 :

  • there is much more money in the world than all of its population could possibly spend;
  • there is enough food for everyone but unevenly divided
  • and the most vulnerable people are placed outside of society with an ease that should bring tears to many more eyes than it does now.

Money has become the prime object; a goal rather than a means. Becoming rich, rather than fulfilled, is on top of the list of a relatively small but ruthless group of people who rule the world by dividing it and placing the larger and more vulnerable group outside of society. ‘Material blindness’ it’s called; the inability to look behind the illusion that money secures the succes of a lifetime.XXI. The World

This misconception mirrors itself in society through corruption, ruthlessness and abuse. Child labor in third world countries; but also here in our own so called safe western society.  Amazon earned itself an article last week, written by an undercover journalist who had enlisted with the Amazon work-force and found co-workers sleeping on the work floor exhausted; some even shipped off to hospital with heart problems and other stress induced ailments; all that while being hideously underpaid, overtaxed in work load and with the owner of amazon recently proclaimed one of the richest people in the world.

I’ve written about the subject of work force abuse before because I witness it in my own environment as well. Young people working for small hourly wages wrapped in so-called zero hour contracts; meaning the amount of hours they can count on having a job is flexible; so when they are not needed they do not earn anything and when they are ill it’s tough luck as well. As a consequence these people who should become the cornerstones of next generations fail to get a chance to take root in society.   All this while happy people who can go to sleep at night knowing their basic needs are safe could create and produce so much more to make this world a better place.

Having said all that, I know at the same time, many many peopl are creating change, surfing the waves of the age of aquarius that we are moving into. With the threshold of 2018 in sight I make a wish that their efforts will gain terrain and that people like the owner of amazon will be woken up, much like Scrooge in a Christmas Carol and start to understand that wealth exists in what you have to give rather than what you take.

Ingrid Schippers 05-11-2017

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